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Salaam postures Kathak

Salaam (also spelled salam) may refer to:

As a word[edit]

  • A short form of As-salamu alaykum, an Arabic (or Arabic-derived) greeting.
  • salām سلام, the Arabic for "peace", see Š-L-M
  • ሰላም, the Geez (Ethiopian) word for "peace" and for "health", also used as a greeting


Given name


Businesses and organizations[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Operation Salaam, a 1942 World War II covert Abwehr operation in North Africa led by László Almásy
  • Salam Leaf or Indonesian Bay leaf, leaf of a plant in the Myrtaceae family
  • Salaam spasm is an epileptic disorder in infants, children and adults

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