Salacia reticulata

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Salacia reticulata
Ekanayakam - plant 15.jpg
Scientific classification
S. reticulata
Binomial name
Salacia reticulata

Salacia reticulata is an indigenous flowering plant of the genus Salacia grown in dry zone forests in Sri Lanka. In ayurvedic medicine it is known as kothala himbutu කොතල හිඹුටු in Sinhala.


S. reticulata is a climbing, perennial, woody shrub. The plant has dichotomous branching pattern. Bark is smooth, greenish grey in colour, thin, and white internally. Leaves: opposite and elliptic-oblong. Leaf-base is acute, apex abruptly acuminate, margin are toothed with minute rounded teeth. Flowers are bisexual and arranged as 2-8 clustered in leaf axils. They are greenish-white to greenish-yellow in color. Fruit is a drupe which is globose and tubercular. The drupe assumes pinkish-orange color on ripening. Seeds 1-4 in number and resembles with almond.