Salah Edin

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Salah Edin
Background information
Birth name Abid Tounssi
Born (1980-06-23) 23 June 1980 (age 36)
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Labels TopNotch

Abid Tounssi, known by his stage name Salah Edin (born 23 June 1980), is a Dutch-Moroccan rapper and actor.


Salah Edin gained recognition as a rapper (first in Arabic, then also in Dutch) in the 1990s and broke through to a larger audience in 2006 when he signed with Dutch hip-hop label TopNotch.[1] His third album, WOII, was slated for release in September 2011;[2] the title is a reference to World War II, but carries other connotations as well, with the initials also referring to Willem Oltmans and Geert Wilders.[3] That same year, he acted in a short Moroccan film, with another film already finished and a TV series in the making.[2]

Edin has had a few encounters with controversy. Politician Geert Wilders used a photograph of Edin for his 2008 anti-Muslim film Fitna; his photograph was identified as a photo of Mohammed Bouyeri, convicted for murdering Theo van Gogh.[4] Edin filed suit, and in response, so Edin says, Wilders offered to appear in a rap song with him. He refused, and the judge found for Edin, ordering Wilders to pay €3,000 to the rapper and €5,000 to the photographer.[3]



  • 2003 - Hakma


  • 2007 - Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie ("Holland's Biggest Nightmare", TopNotch)
  • 2009 - HORR
  • 2011 - WOII


  • 2006 - The Official Mixtape

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