Salal, Chad

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BEG moussoro2
BEG moussoro2
Salal is located in Chad
Location in Chad (Bahr el Gazel highlighted)
Coordinates: 14°50′24″N 17°13′11″E / 14.84000°N 17.21972°E / 14.84000; 17.21972Coordinates: 14°50′24″N 17°13′11″E / 14.84000°N 17.21972°E / 14.84000; 17.21972
Country  Chad
Region Bahr el Gazel
Department Bahr el Gazel Nord
Sub-Prefecture Salal
Population (2012)
 • Total 33,010
Time zone +1

Salal (Arabic: سالل‎‎) is a town in Chad, lying 380 kilometres (240 mi)  north of N'Djamena on the road to Faya-Largeau. Salal is the second largest city after Moussoro in Bahr el Gazel Region.

A garrison was once at Salal during the conflict with Libya in 1978.[1] On 15 April 1978, FROLINAT forces, led by Goukouni Oueddei, took Salal before marching south to the Chadian capital, N'Djamena.[2]


Year Population[3]
1993 10,185
2012 33,010


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