Salama (roller coaster)

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Salama Linnanmäki.JPG
Coordinates 60°11′14″N 24°56′21″E / 60.18722°N 24.93917°E / 60.18722; 24.93917Coordinates: 60°11′14″N 24°56′21″E / 60.18722°N 24.93917°E / 60.18722; 24.93917
Status Operating
Opening date April 25, 2008 (2008-04-25)
General statistics
Type Steel – Spinning
Manufacturer Maurer Söhne
Height 55.9 ft (17.0 m)
Length 1,377.11 ft (419.74 m)
Speed 37.3 mph (60.0 km/h)
Capacity 800 riders per hour
Salama at RCDB
Pictures of Salama at RCDB

Salama (English: Lightning) is a steel roller coaster located at Linnanmäki in Helsinki, Finland. It was constructed for the 2008 season. It is built on top of Hurjakuru, a river rafting ride.

Salama got its name from Kalevala, the national epic of Finland.

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