Salamanca F.C.

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Salamanca F.C.
Full name Salamanca Fútbol Club
Nickname(s) Petroleros (Oilers)
Founded 1958
Ground Estadio El Molinito,
Salamanca, Guanajuato,
Ground Capacity 4,000
Chairman Fernando Pacheco
Manager Santiago Murillo
League Tercera Division de Mexico Group VIII
2016–17 Current; preseason (3rd Place)

Salamanca F.C. is a Mexican football club based in Salamanca, Guanajuato, México which is playing in the Tercera Division de Mexico Group VIII.


The club was founded in the 1950s and soon after, in 1958, the club joined the Segunda División de México and played under the name of Mapaches. The club played in the second division until 1961 when the club folded due economic problems. In 1964 the club rejoined the second division; this time the club was owned by a local oil company which brought in big name players but never achieved a promotion to the first division. From 1964 the club would go on to play good to mediocre tournaments which finally came to an end once again in 1986 when the club folded and would not come this time for several years all time times playing under the name of Petroleros de Salamanca.[clarification needed]

Awaited Return[edit]

In 2001 the same oil company that had owned the club in the 1980s started up several professional clubs, the first a basketball club in 2001 which played under the name of Petroleros de Salamanca. In 2004 the football club finally made its return, quickly joining the Primera A. In 2006 the club reached its first final in the Primera A only to lose it to Puebla FC in a Penalty shoot out. The club would go on to play six more tournaments before the club was sold and relocated in La Piedad, Michoacán, where it became C.F. La Piedad.


In the early 1950s clubs usually used their city's crest as their own, so Salamanca used the city crest from 1958-1961. In the early 1970s the club used a crest which had an oil rig along with a soccer ball. In 2004 the club returned with a brand new crest but kept the oil rig and the soccer ball along with the club's colors.

First kit evolution[edit]

1944 home
1960 home
2004 home
2006 home
2007 home
2008 home
2009 home
2010 home

Season to season[edit]

club is known for the oil tower.
Season Division Place
1958-59 2nd Division
1959-60 2nd Division
1960-61 2nd Division
1961-64 Did not participate
1964-65 2nd Division
1965-66 2nd Division
1966-67 2nd Division
1967-68 2nd Division
1968-69 2nd Division
1969-70 2nd Division
1970-71 2nd Division
1971-72 2nd Division
1972-73 2nd Division
1973-74 2nd Division
1974-75 2nd Division
1975-76 2nd Division
1976-77 2nd Division
1977-78 2nd Division
1979-80 2nd Division
1980-81 2nd Division
1981-82 2nd Division
1982-83 2nd Division
1983-84 2nd Division
1984-85 2nd Division
1985-86 2nd Division
Season Division Place
1986–2003 Did not participate
1996-97 Primera A
Clausura 2004 Primera A
Apertura 2005 Primera A
Clausura 2006 Primera A
Apertura 2006 Primera A
Clausura 2007 Primera A
Apertura 2007 Primera A
Clausura 2008 Primera A
Apertura 2008 Primera A
Clausura 2009 Primera A
Apertura 2009 2nd Division
2013–14 3rd División
2014–15 3rd División
2015–16 3rd División Current



Runner-up (1): Apertura 2006
Champion : 1951-1952
  • Segunda División "B": (2)
Champion : 1984-1985, 1993-1994

Notable former players[edit]

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