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Area around Salamansa. Santo Antão Island in background.
Area around Salamansa. Santo Antão Island in background.
Salamansa is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 16°54′07″N 24°56′38″W / 16.902°N 24.944°W / 16.902; -24.944Coordinates: 16°54′07″N 24°56′38″W / 16.902°N 24.944°W / 16.902; -24.944
Country Cape Verde
Island São Vicente
Municipality São Vicente
Civil parish Nossa Senhora da Luz
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 1,179

Salamansa is a village in the northeastern part of the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde. It is situated on the north coast, approximately 3 km northeast of the island capital Mindelo. It is situated by Baía da Salamansa (Salamansa Bay) in which the village is named after along with its nearest point and the beach. It is linked by a small road 1 km in length connecting the Mindelo-Baía das Gatas Road, it is on the northwesternmost part. Its 2010 population was 1,179.

It is divided into three portions, Salamansa Center, Norte da Baía or Baía de Salamansa and Salamansa do Este.


The population was around 500 in the late 20th century and reached over 1,000 in the late 2000s.

In 2013, 2 km east, it would be connected with a closer road through the eastern shore, connecting the southeast of the island including Calhau, instead of passing around the city center of Mindelo or Monte Verde.

In 2015, some new roads had been created in the eastern part all the way to near Baía das Gatas, housing and also hotels, resorts, villas and probably a golf course are planned, the planning is uncertain, it covers most of the northeasternmost part and a small eastern part belongs to Baía das Gatas.


Salamansa has a beginner football (soccer) club hat is named after the town, the club competes in the São Vicente Island League. In 2016, the club won their only title, a cup title.


Salamansa's only institution is a primary school and serves nearby Baía das Gatas.

In popular culture[edit]

Cais-do-Sodré té Salamansa is a short story book by Orlanda Amarílis published in 1994 and is about some Cape Verdean emigrants, the story title is about the town and the seventh story finished with Antonia singing a Creole song about its beach.[2]

Salamansa was featured in the song titled about the village sung by Cesária Évora, it was the fifth single of the album Distino di Belita or Nova Sintra (1990), also by Évora another track titled "Areia de Salamansa" ("Sands of Salamansa"), tenth single in the album Cesária (1995) which relates to its nearby beach and "Picnic na Salamansa" ("Picnic in Salamansa") was the last single in the album São Vicente di Longe (2001).


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