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Cruise ship Salamis Glory

The C/S Salamis Glory (formerly Anna Nery, Danaos, Constellation, Morning Star, Regency Spirit) was a cruise ship registered in Limassol, Cyprus. She cruised the Eastern Mediterranean visiting countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Greece and Egypt out of Limassol.


This ship was built in 1962 for Companhia de Navegacao Costeira, and was originally called the Anna Nery. The ship was damaged in a collision with a tanker, Presidente Deodoro, in 1963. Between 1965 and 1968 the ship was used on the route between Rio de Janeiro and Santos. After that the Anna Nery was used on coastal services, transatlantic services and as a cruise ship during the summer.

Decline in the passenger liner business caused the sale of the ship to the Greek Mediterranean cruise company Hellenic Cruises in 1978. During refits and modifications, the Anna Nery was briefly renamed Danaos (1979) and then Constellation (1982), In 1987 the cruise company operating the ship went bankrupt and the Constellation went out of service for four years.

In 1992, the ship was again purchased by another Greek owner and again renamed, this time to Morning Star. It was put into cruise service in the Pacific. It was eventually renamed Regency Spirit, registered in the Bahamas and passed to the American company Regency Cruises where it served on the Mexican coast during the winter and the Mediterranean during the summer. In 1995, Regency Cruises filed for bankruptcy protection, and the Regency Spirit was seized in Nice. The ship was auctioned off to the Cypriot Salamis Cruises in 1996, and renamed the Salamis Glory.

The ship was rebuilt in 2000.

On August 30, 2007, Salamis Glory was involved in a collision with the small cargo ship Shelly near the Israeli port of Haifa. As a result of the accident, the cargo ship sunk immediately and two crewmen died.[1]

On December 7, 2009 it became known that Salamis Glory was sold on November 24 for 530,000 euros and headed to Alang, India, for scrapping. The ship was scrapped in Alang in 2010.[2]

Ship description[edit]

The Salamis Glory was equipped with a full restaurant, casino, two entertainment lounges, duty-free shop, mini-bar, swimming pool, and outdoor seating, including lounge chairs for relaxing. The ship had 222 cabins and eight passenger decks. The dimensions of the ship were 495 feet (151 m) long, 59 feet (18 m) wide and a gross tonnage of 10,392 GT.[3]


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