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Salar Jung family
CountryHyderabad State, British Indian Empire
Connected membersNizams of Hyderabad
Estate(s)Diwan Devdi

The Salar Jung family was a noble Hyderabad family under the Nizams, who ruled from 1720 to 1948. They are credited with safeguarding rare artifacts and collections, which are now at Salar Jung Museum.[1]

The family were one of the remaining families of nobles other than the three great Paigah nobles, (who were the highest order of nobility under the Nizams) and after them ranked the Umra-e-Uzzam families. The Salar Jung family was one of the Umra-e-Uzzam. Their ancestry dates to the 16th century. By the middle of the 19th century, the family assumed importance as five members served as Grand Viziers to the Nizams.

The family resided at the Dewan Devdi palace.

The five Prime Ministers from the family are buried at Daira Mir Momin, a graveyard in the old city of Hyderabad. Prince Moazzam Jah and classical musician Bade Ghulam Ali Khan are also buried there.[2]


Following are the descendants of NAWAB Mir Abul khasim @ Mir Alam Bahsdur

Muneer ul mulk Son in law of Mir Alam died leaving behind the legal heirs as under; Siraj ul mulk after the demise of Siraj ul Mulk Mohammed ali khan who had a son named * Mir Turab Ali Khan, Salar I

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