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Salaryman Kintarō
Cover of the First Tankobon Volume.
(Sarariiman Kintarō)
Genre Comedy-drama
Written by Hiroshi Motomiya
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Weekly Young Jump
Original run 19942002
Volumes 30
Live-action film
Directed by Takashi Miike
Studio Toho
Released November 13, 1999
Runtime 110 minutes
Television drama
Original network TBS
Original run 19992004
Episodes 44 (+ 1 special)
Anime television series
Directed by Tomoharu Katsumata
Studio JCF
Original network BS-i
Original run February 18, 2001March 18, 2001
Episodes 20
Shin Salaryman Kintarō
Written by Hiroshi Motomiya
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Weekly Young Jump
Original run 2009 – present
Volumes 7
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Salaryman Kintarō (サラリーマン金太郎, Sararīman Kintarō?) is a manga series by Hiroshi Motomiya. It has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump since 1994, but has gone through many periods of inactivity.

The manga follows Kintarō Yajima, a former Bōsōzoku leader who, as a promise to his late wife, has become a salaryman. In 2005, Kintarō went from working as a salaryman to working for a foreign bank.

In 2005, Salaryman Kintaro began appearing as an online comic and eventually returned to Young Jump.

While the manga is not available in print in English, all 30 volumes and part of the sequel had been translated into English, and were available through the Comic Friends Facebook app. However, Comic Friends recently announced it will no longer be doing business in America.[1]


Kintarō Yajima (矢島金太郎,, Yajima Kintarou?)
The protagonist of the series, a high school dropout and former Bōsōzoku who retired to become a fisherman, but after he saved Morinosuke Yamato he was offered a job at Yamato Construction in the sales department.
Misuzu Yajima (矢島美鈴,, Yajima Misuzu?)
Née Suenaga (末永?). A high class woman who once had an affair with the late politician Seishirō Kuroda (黒田征四郎,, Kuroda Seishirou?). She still has strong political and financial connections and later becomes Kintarō's wife.
Ryuta Yajima (矢島竜太,, Yajima Ryuta?)
The son of Kintarō and his late wife Akemi.
Mimi Suenaga (末永美々,, Suenaga Mimi?)
The daughter of Misuzu from her affair with Kuroda.
Akemi Yajima (矢島明美,, Yajima Akemi?)
Kintarō's first wife, a kind blind woman who dies giving birth to Ryuta.
Morinosuke Yamato (大和守之助,, Yamato Morinosuke?)
One of the many men that Kintarō saves. Chairman of Yamato Construction. He believes in Kintarō all the way.
Genzō Ōshima (大島源造,, Genzou Ooshima?)
Yūsaku Kurokawa (黒川優作,, Kurokawa Yuusaku?)
Ryūzō Igō (伊郷龍蔵,, Igou Ryuuzou?)


Live-action film[edit]

Theme Song
  • In My Dream (TUBE)

The film is available on DVD through Pathfinder Home Entertainment, and has been retitled to "White Collar Worker Kintaro".

Live-action TV series[edit]

  • January 10~March 21, 1999: Salaryman Kintarō (11 Episodes, Average Rating: 19.0%)((cn))
  • October 3, 1999: Salaryman Kintarō Special
  • April 9~July 2, 2000: Salaryman Kintarō 2 (12 Episodes, Average Rating: 16.3%)((cn))
  • January 6~March 17, 2002: Salaryman Kintarō 3 (11 Episodes, Average Rating: 15.5%)((cn))
  • January 15~March 18, 2004: Salaryman Kintarō 4 (10 Episodes, Average Rating: 11.2%)((cn))

The main cast from the film version returned for the television series.

Theme Songs
  • Season 1: Kibou no Kane ga Naru Asa ni (希望の鐘が鳴る朝に,, The Bell of Hope is Ringing in the Morning?) (The Alfee)
  • Season 2: Kizuna (キズナ,, Bonds?) (Tetsurō Oda)
  • Season 3: Atsuku Nare! (熱くなれ!, A Hot Time!?) (Katsunori Takahashi)
  • Season 4: Kibou no Hashi (希望の橋,, Bridge of Hope?) (The Alfee)

Anime television series[edit]

Theme Songs
  • Opening Theme: Jikuu ~Toki no Sora~ (時空~ときのそら~, A Space of Time?) (Yumi Matsuzawa)
  • Ending Theme: Heaven ~Boku no Naka no Tengoku~ (Heaven~僕の中の天国~, We're in Heaven?) (Norishige Takahashi)

The anime is available subtitled on DVD through Arts Magic.


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