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Salarzais, along with the Kakazai and Wur, are one of the four clans of Tarkanis. There were around 8,000 members in the Babukarrah and Charmung valleys in Bajaur, District Buner and 150 members in Bara Banda of Nowshera District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan in 1910. They are also found in Asmar, Watapur and some other areas of Kunar province of Afghanistan The Salarzai tribe of Buner were declared rebillion by the King of Swat and they still don't accept any Khaniesm. The Salarzai of Buner are known for their unity/soldarity and Jerga (Jirga) of Salarzai (including Karachi city) is the prime exampel.

The Khans of Pashat and Khar have some control over the tribe.[citation needed]Salarzai is also a name of Baloch tribe of Pashtun origin.