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Salas may refer to:



  • Franklin Salas (born 1981), Ecuadorian football striker
  • Guillermo Salas (born 1974), Peruvian footballer
  • Hilden Salas (born 1980), Peruvian footballer
  • José Mariano Salas (1797-1867), Mexican general and politician, twice interim president of Mexico
  • Joseph Salas (1903-1987), American featherweight professional boxer
  • Juan Salas (born 1978), professional baseball relief pitcher
  • Lauro Salas (born 1928), Mexican former world lightweight boxing champion
  • Lizette Salas (born 1989), American professional golfer
  • Marcelo Salas (born 1974), former football player from Chile
  • Margarita Salas (born 1938), Spanish scientist in the areas of biochemistry and molecular genetics
  • Marino Salas (born 1981), Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Mario Salas (footballer) (born 1967), former Chilean footballer
  • Mark Salas (born 1961), former Major League Baseball catcher
  • Mary Salas (born 1948), California politician
  • Nancy Salas (1910–1990), Australian musicologist
  • Patrick J. Salas (1965), New York - New Jersey's Business Executive, and Chief Information Security Officer. Prominent as Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP)serving in the Financial & Legal Industry after remarkable achievements in Radio & TV Broadcasting Media
  • Rafael M. Salas (1928-1987), first head of the United Nations Population Fund

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Yelina Salas, on the CBS television series CSI: Miami
  • Will Salas, in the 2011 science fiction film In Time

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