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Salasaca inti raymi2.jpg
Celebration of Inti Raymi by the Salasaca, in the background the Chimborazo can be seen

Salasaca is located in the Tungurahua Province in the center of Ecuador, halfway along the road from Ambato to Baños. The Salasacas speak Spanish and Quichua. Their main economic activities are agriculture, livestock-raising and handcrafts.

Local craftsmanship includes items such as tapestries, which are woven by hand on looms of very ancient technology. Many of the designs depict different aspects of their lives. There is a market in the central plaza of Salasaca called "Plaza of the Arts".

The Quichua Salasacas perform traditional music using a flute and drum. Nowadays, the Quechua Salasacas have been incorporating other sounds that complement their traditional melodies.

In June, Salasaca people celebrate the harvest festival called Inti Raymi that is celebrated in all Quechua communities of the Highlands (Sierra). However, in the Salasaca festival circuit, the Varayuk or Mayor, who carries a wand which represents power and authority within the community, is the main personality.

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