Salată de boeuf

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Salată de boeuf
Course Entrée
Place of origin Flag of Romania.svg
Region or state Romania
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Chicken
Green peas
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Salată de boeuf (beef salad) is a traditional Romanian dish, generally served during all festive and special occasions. It is a combination of finely chopped beef or chicken[clarification needed] and root vegetables, folded in mayonnaise and finished with murături, pickled vegetable garnishes. It can be made vegetarian, too.[1]

The dish is usually made up in large quantities for the whole party like Christmas eve. It's eaten as a side dish/salad to fried meats or as an appetiser/entree. Slight differences exist in quantities and these vary according to taste.

The name may suggest a French culinary influence as the word bœuf is French for beef, but it is of Russian origin, from Salad Olivier or Russian salad.


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