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Salatut elämät
Logo used since 2014.
Also known as Salkkarit
Genre Soap opera
Created by Jason Daniel
Anne Harris
Greg Stevens
Starring Regular cast members
Opening theme "Tunteisiin" (Into Feelings)
Composer(s) Anna Hanski (1999–2001)
Jore Marjaranta (2001–2004)
Smalenbach/Ringqvist (2004–present)
Country of origin Finland
Original language(s) Finnish
No. of seasons 19
No. of episodes 3,170
(as of 4 April 2017)
Executive producer(s) Eerika Vermilä
Marika Makaroff
Sarita Harma
Producer(s) Marko Äijö
Aku Louhimäki
Location(s) FremantleMedia studio, Konala, Helsinki, Finland
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 21 minutes
(without adverts)
Production company(s) FremantleMedia Finland
Distributor Fremantle International
Original network MTV3
Sub (reruns)
Picture format 16:9 (25 January 2010–present)
4:3 (25 January 1999 – 22 January 2010)
Original release 25 January 1999 – present
(18 years, 144 days)
Related shows Romeo & Rafael Desperados (2008)
Lillukanvarsia (2010–2011)
Tuuliranta (2011–2012)
Young Man Cash Man (2013)
Young Girl, Dream Girl (2014)
Satula (2015)
Bikineitä ja timantteja (2016)
Pihlajakadun tuhmat tädit (2016–2017)
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Salatut elämät (Secret Lives) is a Finnish television series that premiered on MTV3 on 25 January 1999. It was the first, and so far only, Finnish daily soap opera.

During the series' 17-year run, over 3,000 episodes have been aired, making it the second longest running drama in television in the Nordics after Norwegian Hotel Cæsar. On 12 May 2014, it was announced that Salatut elämät will be on the air until the summer 2023[1] making the series the longest-lasting drama series of all time in Finland. The series' storylines follow the daily lives of several families who live in the same apartment block in Helsinki. The series primarily centres on the residents of Pihlajakatu and its neighbouring areas. Only six of the original twenty characters Ismo (Esko Kovero), Kalle (Pete Lattu), Seppo (Jarmo Koski), Ulla (Maija-Liisa Peuhu), Aki (Sami Uotila) and Kari (Tommi Taurula) still remain in the series, and most of the series' current characters have made their debuts in 2008 or later.

MTV3 also airs reruns of the series every weekend (Monday-Wednesday episodes on Saturday, Thursday-Friday episodes on Sunday). In the summer, the channel airs reruns of the series; in the summer of 2014, episodes from the season 2009–2010 were aired.

Eight web spin-off series have been made; Romeo & Rafael Desperados in 2008, Lillukanvarsia in 2010–2011, Tuuliranta in 2011–2012, Young Man Cash Man in 2013, Young Girl, Dream Girl in 2014, Satula in 2015, Bikineitä ja timantteja (or in English known as Bikinis and Diamonds) in 2016 and Pihlajakadun tuhmat tädit in 2016–2017.

On 5 December 2012, the first Salatut elämät movie was released. Teen thriller movie called "Nightmare – Painajainen merellä" ("Nightmare – Nightmare at Sea") was one of the most watched Finnish film in 2012. The film is directed by Marko Äijö and the main characters are Peppi (Sara Säkkinen), Heidi (Venla Savikuja), Jiri (Mikko Parikka), Joonatan (Markku Pulli), Miro (Patrik Borodavkin), Oona (Sara Lohiniva) and Sampo (Sampsa Tuomala). Nightmare - Painajainen merellä also won the Jussi Award in the category Public Favorite. A second film, called "Nightmare 2" was released in December 2014.[citation needed]

Since 2012, show's gay storyline between Elias (Petteri Paavola) and Lari (Ronny Röslöf), nicknamed "Larias", has been very popular on YouTube. Scenes featuring their storyline have been uploaded by a user called "missfinlandia88" (account was terminated but is now back up). As her account got terminated she created a new one, "Elias' Story". She claims that she has permission of MTV3 and FremantleMedia to post the clips.[2] The storyline came to an end in November 2016, when Elias was killed off.


The series has dealt with a wider range of subjects such as abortion, drug abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, incest, animal rights, rape, religious fanaticism, gambling addiction, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, cancer, eating disorder, school bullying, narcissistic personality disorder and its effects to the family, the search of biological parents, stealing and racism; many episodes involving these themes have caused public debate.

An exceptionally widespread controversy was started by the season finale aired on 1 June 2009. In the episode, a pregnant woman, Paula Sievinen (Johanna Nurmimaa), was buried alive and a café exploded during a wedding celebration, which implied death of many main characters. Many, including Finland's minister of communications Suvi Lindén, questioned the show's suitability for school children. FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) decided later that the episode was not suitable for children under the age of 11, but the show's programming slot was late enough to meet the regulations.[3][4] In 2013, the original main character Jenni Vainio played by Anu Palevaara, was shot on front of the main house and it caused a lot of talk among the fans of the series. Jenni left the series after 14 years presence. However, producer Marko Äijö said that the biggest sensation of the series was in the early days, when Kalle Laitela, played by Pete Lattu, kissed another man. At that time, the channel MTV3 received over 40 meters of fax about the kiss.[5]

During the series' entire run in Finland, a 30-minute episode has aired every weekday in an early-evening slot at 7:30 pm. A new season usually premieres in either late August or early September and concludes by the beginning of June. Normally, the series is on a hiatus during the Christmas holidays, approximately 3 or 4 weeks. The series' episodes are also available online at the website for 30 days after their original airing.


Salatut elämät's main focus is the fictional street Pihlajakatu, located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. Other locations include a high school, a hospital, Café Moose and an inn, Amanda, which contains the hotel, a restaurant and a gym Amadeus. Former "main café" was Kentauri which, however, exploded during a wedding celebration in the season finale of the 11th season.

All of the houses and other locations featured in the show are filmed at the FremantleMedia studio in Konala, Helsinki. In real life, Pihlajakatu is Huvilakatu, which is located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. Salatut elämät has also filmed scenes in Tampere and in Lapland. A few episodes have also been filmed in the Canary Islands, Lithuania and London.

Theme song[edit]

The original theme song was called Tunteisiin and performed by Anna Hanski but in 2001, the theme was changed to a version performed by Jore Marjaranta. In 2004, the theme song was replaced by an electronic version of the theme music. In 2014, the theme song was switched back to the original one, first heard on 1999.

Television ratings[edit]

Since its first episode aired in January 1999, it has been one of the most popular TV shows in Finland, regularly attracting around a million viewers (1/5 of Finland's population). At the moment Salatut elämät is the highest-rated drama series in Finland, although its viewership has declined during the past few years.

Season Episodes Timeslot Season premiere Season finale TV season Most-watched episode
(million viewers)
1. 89 Weekdays 7:30 p.m. 25 January 1999 3 June 1999 1999 1.191
2. 123 30 August 1999 10 May 2000 1999–2000 1.216
3. 168 4 September 2000 14 May 2001 2000–2001 1.360
4. 170 20 August 2001 3 May 2002 2001–2002 1.308
5. 165 2 September 2002 16 May 2003 2002–2003 1.294
6. 160 1 September 2003 6 May 2004 2003–2004 1.150
7. 150 6 September 2004 27 April 2005 2004–2005 1.226
8. 150 Weekdays 7:30 p.m. (autumn 2005)
Mondays – Thursdays 7:30 p.m. (spring 2006)
30 August 2005 29 May 2006 2005–2006 1.160
9. 150 Mondays–Thursdays 7:30 p.m. 14 August 2006 24 May 2007 2006–2007 1.105
10. 190 Weekdays 7:30 p.m. 20 August 2007 4 June 2008 2007–2008 1.033
11. 190 18 August 2008 1 June 2009 2008–2009 1.043
12. 180 24 August 2009 31 May 2010 2009–2010 1.063
13. 180 30 August 2010 27 May 2011 2010–2011 0.937
14. 180 29 August 2011 8 June 2012 2011–2012 0.970
15. 180 3 September 2012 13 June 2013 2012–2013 0.958
16. 170 9 September 2013 12 June 2014 2013–2014 0.896
17. 185 25 August 2014 11 June 2015 2014–2015 0.813
18. 180 31 August 2015 15 June 2016 2015–2016 0.783
19. 187 16 August 2016 13 June 2017 2016–2017 TBA

Recent characters[edit]

Regular cast members[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Esko Kovero Ismo Laitela 1999–present
Pete Lattu Kalle Laitela 1999–2001, 2002, 2012–present
Sami Uotila Aki Nikkinen 1999–2002, 2014–present
Jarmo Koski Seppo Taalasmaa 1999–2013, 2017–present
Maija-Liisa Peuhu Ulla Taalasmaa 1999–2007, 2010, 2013–present
Tommi Taurula Kari Taalasmaa (#1) 1999, 2001–2004, 2005, 2007–2010, 2014, 2015–present
Nora Rinne Camilla Mustavaara 2001–2004, 2014, 2015, 2016–present
Teemu Lehtilä Aaro Vaalanne 2004–2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017–present
Tero Tiittanen Sergei Kuula 2008, 2011, 2012–present
Jarkko Nyman Sebastian Vuorela (#2) 2009–2010, 2011–present
Mikko Parikka Jiri Viitamäki 2010–present
Emil Hallberg Onni "Tale" Taalasmaa (#2) 2011–present
Hemmo Karja Janne Haukkala 2011–present
Kerttu Rissanen Sanni Taalasmaa 2014–present
Irina Vartia Monica Mustavaara 2014–present
Tiia Elg Eva Tamminen 2014–present
Monika Lindeman Linda Eerikäinen 2015–present
Johanna Puhakka Alissa Mustavaara 2015–present
Janne Saarinen Anton Helenius 2015–present
Antti Seppä Gunnar Mustavaara 2016–present
Pinja Kanon Iida Mustonen (#2) 2016, 2017–present
Inkeri Mertanen Dahlia Mustavaara 2016, 2017–present
Miikka Wallin Pietari Haukkala 2016–present

Recurring cast members[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Oliver Lehto Oliver Vuorela (#2) 2013–present
Sonja Kasurinen Nella Tamminen 2014–present
Ruupertti Arponen Ilja Taalasmaa 2015–present
Rauli Ylitalo Sami Kosonen 2015–present
Vivi Wahlström Viola Helenius (#2) 2016–present
Aaron Bojang Benjamin Taalasmaa (#2) 2017–present
Ami Suojanen-Korhonen Marjut 2017–present
Julian Riikonen Nuutti Seppä 2017–present
Marjatta Rinne Salme Hämäläinen 2017–present


  • Kari Taalasmaa was played by Henri Halkola, instead of Tommi Taurula, during few episodes on the 11th season, because Taurula was temporarily at sick leave.
  • Onni "Tale" Taalasmaa first appeared in the series from 2007 to 2008 as a baby and was played by Väinö Ahonen, but returned to the series in February 2011, with a teenage actor, Emil Hallberg.
  • The role of Sebastian Vuorela was first briefly played in 2007 by Riku Korhonen, but when the character returned to the series in January 2009, Korhonen had been replaced by Jarkko Nyman.
  • Benjamin Taalasmaa first appeared in the series from 2009 to 2010 as child and was played by Lucas Ahokas, but when the character returned to the series as teenager in March 2017, Ahokas has been replaced by Aaron Bojang.
  • Iida Mustonen will be played by Pinja Kanon, instead of Rosa Rusanen, during the 18th and 19th season, because Rusanen will be temporarily on sick leave.
  • Oliver Vuorela (formerly Ossi Junior Puolakka) first appeared in the series from 2011 to 2013 as a baby and was played by Olivia Paldanius, but in June 2013, Paldanius was replaced by Oliver Lehto.
  • Viola Helenius was first briefly played in 2015 to 2016 by Annalisa Tyrväinen. Tyrväinen was replaced by Vivi Wahlström in November 2016.

Cast changes[edit]


Actor Character Duration
Roope Puhakka Severi Sievinen (#3) August 2017
Olga Temonen Noora Autio Autumn 2017
Sara Parikka Peppi Puolakka Autumn 2017

Former characters[edit]

Last appeared in 2017[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Heli Perttula Päivi Helenius 2006, 2017
Susanna Mikkonen Liisa Salo 2010–2014, 2017
Petteri Paavola Elias Vikstedt (#2) 2011–2016, 2017
Ronny Roslöf Lari Väänänen 2011, 2012–2017
Oona Kare Marianna Kurki 2013–2017
Miia Räikkönen Raakel Kurki 2015, 2016, 2017
Saara Widbom Dr. Romppainen 2015, 2016, 2017

Last appeared in 2016[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Satu Linnapuomi Kukka-Maaria Kujala 2000, 2016
Mia Ehrnrooth Ritva "Cindy" Rintala 2009–2014, 2016
Ella Pyhältö Meri Vikstedt 2010, 2011, 2016
Rosa Rusanen Iida Mustonen (#1) 2011–2016
Rufus Rusanen Severi Sievinen (#2) 2011–2016
Maria Nieminen Kristiina Pohjonen/Liisa Laitela 2013–2016
Maarit Poussa Jutta Korhonen 2014, 2016
Annalisa Tyrväinen Viola Helenius (#1) 2015, 2016
Daniela Hoffström Taiga Kuula (#2) 2015, 2016
Elsa Pankkonen Moilanen 2015, 2016
Martina Aitolehti Seireeni 2015, 2016
Venla Saartamo Kirsi Huovinen 2016

Last appeared in 2015[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Jaana Saarinen Maarit Salin 1999, 2000–2004, 2007–2008, 2015
Sannamaija Pekkarinen Heli Sievinen 2004–2007, 2009–2011, 2012, 2014, 2015
Timo Jurkka Lasse Sievinen 2004–2012, 2013–2015
Markku Pulli Joonatan Sievinen 2007–2010, 2011–2015
Anneli Ranta Helena Kuula-Nikkinen 2008–2015
Venla Savikuja Heidi Aaltonen 2009–2015
Juska Reiman Miska Koistinen 2013–2015
Heidi Hilpinen Selina 2014, 2015
Mikael Kokko Heikki Pohjonen 2015

Last appeared in 2014[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Tuomas Kytömäki Aleksi Salin 1999–2004, 2008, 2014
Jutta Lehtinen Katri Sievinen 2003–2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014
Johanna Nurmimaa Paula Sievinen 2004–2012, 2013–2014
Ville Seivo Tuomo Tervajoki 2006–2008, 2011, 2014
Kirsi Ståhlberg Isabella Holm/Pirjo Luokkanen 2008–2014
Mirva Kuivalainen Veera Puolakka 2008–2009, 2011, 2013, 2014
Jasmin Hamid Katariina Mäkelä (#1) 2009–2014
Lari Laurikkala Niko Vainio (#4) 2009–2011, 2014
Silja Rantala Vanessa Turunen 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Pedro Ramsey David 2013, 2014
Sirja Minkkinen Kaisla 2013–2014
Perttu Hangaslahti Mikko Kannas 2013, 2014
Saara Kytö Taiga Kuula (#1) 2013–2014
Pekka Kauhanen Hannes Holopainen 2014
Roi Ron Hannu Holopainen 2014
Petteri Avilia Luka 2014
Jenni Banerjee Katariina Mäkelä (#2) 2014
Sami Haavisto Rampe 2014
Joni Saarela Rönkkö 2014
Marko Äijö Skäbä 2014
Juho Lehto Pekka Toroppa 2014

Last appeared in 2013[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Anu Palevaara Jenni Vainio 1999–2001, 2002–2011, 2012–2013
Anu Koskinen Katja Vainio 1999–2003, 2004, 2011, 2013
Sami Sarjula Ossi Puolakka 2004–2013
Aku Laitinen Heiskanen 2009, 2010, 2013
Olivia Paldanius Oliver Vuorela/O.J. Puolakka (#1) 2011–2013
Rami Rusinen Valtteri Elovirta (#2) 2012, 2013
Henri Kaisla Roni Jalava 2012–2013
Hellevi Härkönen Martta Rintala 2012, 2013
Pauliina Jokinen Matleena Rintala 2012–2013
Kalle Jokela Aksu 2013
Nevena Ek Anna 2013
Victor Kalmari Kim Kosonen 2013
Vivica Hedman Lotta 2013
Anne Nielsen Anita Pajuniemi 2013
Antti Kankainen Lauri Pyhämaa 2013
Pekka Kokko Frans Taskinen 2013
Ari-Matti Hedman Ilkka Väänänen 2013

Last appeared in 2012[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Piitu Uski Laura Kiviranta 1999–2008, 2012
Aarre Karén Olavi Kanerva/Igor Kuula 2009, 2012
Timo-Pekka Luoma Antti Polvijärvi 2010–2012
Olli Riipinen Kuronen 2010, 2011, 2012
Riitta Elstelä Anni Vatanen 2011–2012
Mikko Kauppila Aarni 2011, 2012
Salli Suvalo Maria Mustonen 2011, 2012
Anne Aitolehti Eila Hirvonen 2012
Tony Honkanen Ville Kurtti 2012
Kari Hakala Johannes Rintala 2012
Juha Veijonen Mikael Salo 2012

Last appeared in 2011[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Juha-Pekka Mikkola Miika Mäkelä 2009–2010, 2011
Jussi Wahlgren Juhani Routaketo 2009, 2010, 2011
Hannu Abonce Tobias Nylund 2010–2011
Johanna Tuomi Armi Viitamäki 2010–2011
Santtu Hänninen Alexander Holm 2011
Satu Pikkusaari Siru Honkanen 2011
Outi Condit Kiia Hyvönen 2011
Hannele Lauri Korppi 2011
Eeva Vauhkonen Liisa Toivio 2011

Last appeared in 2010[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Hanna Kinnunen Salla Laitela 2006–2010
Sara Lohiniva Oona Kiviranta (#4) 2007–2010
Marko Reinola Jarkko Peltonen 2007–2009, 2010
Janna Ilmanen Aino Kaukovaara 2008–2010
Mira Kivilä Iiris Kaukovaara 2008–2010
Villem Puntonen Otto Kaukovaara 2008–2010
Aarni Kivinen Panu Kaukovaara 2008–2010
Sampsa Tuomala Sampo Kaukovaara 2008–2010
Patrik Borodavkin Miro Holm 2008–2010
Antti Launonen Tuukka Aaltonen 2009–2010
Lucas Ahokas Benjamin Taalasmaa (#1) 2009–2010
Tung Bui Noa Okada 2009–2010
Sisu Koukkula Severi Sievinen (#1) 2009–2010
Markku Toikka Asko Erkkilä 2010
Satu Paavola Minttu Erkkilä 2010
Sue Willberg Sonya Fadiga 2010
Jussi Salminen Kimmo Kylmälä 2010
Janne Turkki Esa Leivo 2010
Tiia Louste Leea Leivo 2010
Jasmine Nystén Venla Salo 2010
Saara Pakkasvirta Elsa Toivio 2010
Niilo Heinonen Elias Vikstedt (#1) 2010

Last appeared in 2009[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Johanna Raunio Tanja Jääskeläinen 2005–2009
Oona Louhivaara Juulia Autio 2007–2009
Tuija Piepponen Mirja Mattila 2007, 2009
Teemu Lehtilä Eero Vanala 2007–2009
Saija Palin Niina Kanerva 2008–2009
Heidi Herala Raija Autio 2008, 2009
Pasi Raunio Timo Autio 2009
Ossi Ahlapuro Markku Mattila 2009
Henna Hyttinen Anna Mutanen 2009
Emil Söderström Konsta Nurmi 2009
Saija Lentonen Sara Polvijärvi 2009
Paula Siimes Riitta Sievinen 2009
Mira Taussi Satu Sievinen 2009
Henri Halkola Kari Taalasmaa (#2) 2009
Daniel Westerholm Tero 2009

Last appeared in 2008[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Sanna Luostarinen Elina Taalasmaa 1999–2008
Tuomas Reunanen Ami Vainio 2001–2008
Constantinos Mavromichalis Romeo Aro 2006–2008
Hertta Yrjänä Maija Aro 2006–2008
Tommi Saarinen Sami Pajola 2006–2008
Anna Korolainen Amanda 2007–2008
Sami Ristiniemi Rafael Aro 2007–2008
Anni Jaatinen Jasmin 2007–2008
Lasse Karkjärvi Alpo Lassila 2007, 2008
Kirsti Kaarakainen Anneli Mansikka 2007, 2008
Leena Rapola Saini Perälä 2007, 2008
Timo-Pekka Luoma Raittinen 2007, 2008
Miro Tuomi Rasmus 2007–2008
Tiia Ilmanen Sofia Salin (#2) 2007–2008
Väinö Ahonen Onni Taalasmaa (#1) 2007–2008
Juha Karhu Niko Vainio (#3) 2007–2008
Petri Ahonen Ari-Pekka "AP" Isola 2008
Pinja Flink Milla Muurinen 2008
Iiro Veck Aatu Päivinen 2008
Tomi Salmela Kristo Päivinen 2008
Sirpa Teppola Tuuli Rantala 2008
Miia Maaranen Ilona Salo 2008
Jarmo Mäkinen Leo Sievinen 2008

Last appeared in 2007[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Risto Törhönen Niko Vainio (#2) 2004–2007
Emmi Parviainen Annika Sievinen 2004–2007
Kasperi Nordman Antero Voima 2005, 2006–2007
Teemu Palosaari Pete Niiranen 2006–2007
Marjo Lahti Minna Salonen 2006, 2007
Saila Laakkonen Emma Ilola 2006, 2007
Martina Aitolehti Mari 2007
Matti Airas Vesa Nokela 2007
Minna Turunen Taru Saaristo 2007
Riku Korhonen Sebastian Vuorela (#1) 2007

Last appeared in 2006[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Joona Mielonen Kasper Koponen 2003–2006
Janne Vakio Riku Jääskeläinen 2004–2006
Wilhelmiina Seppä Oona Kiviranta (#3) 2004–2006
Sanna-June Hyde Teresa Ala-Uotila 2005–2006
Petra Frey Irma Halonen 2005–2006
Julius Pillai Taneli Halonen 2005–2006
Paavo Liski Yrjö Merilä 2005–2006
Nina Jääskeläinen Pipsa Tiilikainen 2005–2006
Anu Sinisalo Anna-Maija Halonen 2006
Kai Hyttinen Antti Jääskeläinen 2006
Rabbe Smedlund Vesa Koskela 2006

Last appeared in 2005[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Aleksi Sariola Ken Ojala 2001–2005
Samuli Nordberg Daniel Ojala 2002–2004, 2005
Eero Tommila Sauli Kiviranta (#2) 2003–2005
Katja Salminen Jutta Ojala 2003, 2004, 2005
Jukka-Pekka Palo Heikki Ratila 2004–2005
Petri Liski Juha Viljanen 2004, 2005
Heidi Krohn Selma Viljanen 2005

Last appeared in 2004[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Jouko Keskinen Jukka Salin 1999–2004
Kristo Salminen Toni Veijalainen 1999–2000, 2003, 2004
Alexandra and Patricia von Sybel Sofia Salin (#1) 2000–2004
Helena Notkonen Eila Kiviranta 2000, 2003, 2004
Saija-Reetta Kotirinta Inka Haapala 2001–2004
Sanna Sepponen Roosa Kemppainen 2001–2004
Henna Tanskanen Aamu Korhonen 2001–2004
Mika Kurvinen Teemu Korhonen 2001–2004
Susanna Indrén Jaana Nieminen 2001–2004
Okko Salminen Niko Vainio (#1) 2002–2004
Linnea Lindström Oona Kiviranta (#1) 2003–2004
Anni Weppling Oona Kiviranta (#2) 2003–2004
Aapo Vilhunen Jaakko Ruohojärvi 2003–2004
Soila Komi Sirkka-Liisa Ruohojärvi 2003–2004
Jussi Johnsson Simo Heikinjuntti 2003, 2004
Martti Roisko Reima Syvärinen 2004
Jatta Ansamaa Susanna Tapanainen 2004

Last appeared in 2003[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Tarja Omenainen Hanna Salin 1999–2003
Kari Mattila Tapani Paju 1999–2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Joni Leponiemi Petri Veijalainen 1999, 2002, 2003
Susa Saukko Sinna Jokinen 2002–2003
Petri Rajala Henrik Lammi 2002–2003
Jani Karvinen Ville Paananen 2002–2003
Kai Vaine Ilari Pesonen 2002–2003
Markku Nieminen Veli Haapala 2003
Sami Saikkonen Jasu Taavitsainen 2003
Antero Nieminen Raivo Vihkama 2003

Last appeared in 2002[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Jasper Pääkkönen Saku Salin 1999–2002
Andrei Sandberg Markus Ekholm 1999–2002
Venla Saartamo Miia Laitela 1999–2002
Jonna Keskinen Silja Hickley 1999–2000, 2001, 2002
Inga Sulin Karin Ekholm 2001–2002
Miska Kajanus Keijo "Keke" Naukkarinen 2001–2002
Sinikka Sokka Marja Pihlaja 2002
Jerry Mikkelinen K-P Virtanen 2002

Last appeared in 2001[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Svante Korkiakoski Taisto Ruukki 1999, 2000, 2001
Kristoffer Möller Juha Palen 1999, 2001
Mariko Pajalahti Virpi Hurme 2000–2001
Ismo Kallio Erik Ekholm 2000–2001
Juhani Kauranen Sauli Kiviranta (#1) 2000–2001
Karoliina Kudjoi Rauni Koivukuja 2000–2001
Mae Navarro Chiqi Li 2000–2001
Vesa Hämes Pekka Lehtinen 2000, 2001
Teijo Eloranta Esko Heikkilä 2001
Jussi Ollila Rami Hirvonen 2001
Seppo Pääkkönen Jarkko Juonala 2001
Miia Nuutila Anna Järvinen 2001
Vera Kiiskinen Petra Rinne 2001
Antero Vartia Kuisma Savolainen 2001

Last appeared in 2000[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Miska Toiviainen Mika Paju 1999–2000
Terno Zitron Atte Tenola 1999–2000
Jean-Paul Kaijanen Martti Viljanen 1999, 2000
Juho Milonoff Jaska Aarnio 2000
Anssi Hakanen Atso 2000
Tero Autero Niko Bergman 2000
Matti Ristinen Valtteri Elovirta (#1) 2000
Hermanni Rask Kai Jaakola 2000
Esa-Matti Pölhö Toivo Karhu 2000
Minna Päkkilä Krista Koivula 2000
Helmi Seppälä Nooalaistyttö Vuokko 2000
Hanna Koistinen Outi 2000
Sami Lanki Pertti "Vemmu" Pihlaja 2000
Irina Pulkka Sonja Routa 2000
Marjorita Huldén Birgitta Vainio 2000
Veikko Honkanen Iiro Vainio 2000

Last appeared in 1999[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Hannele Kainulainen Eeva Harakka 1999
Kari Kinnaslampi Oiva Jalonen 1999
Kirsti Väänänen Pamela Johansson 1999
Mikko Leskelä Harri Järvi 1999
Mikael Kokko Timi Koivisto 1999
Mia Penttilä Kristiina 1999
Rinna Paatso Minde Messenius 1999
Veera Tiainen Niina 1999
Petri Manninen Pasi Ruotsalainen 1999
Aune Lind Riitta Ruukki 1999
Heikki Lund Voitto Sutela 1999
Jussi Puhakka Tommi Tiihonen 1999

Books based on the series[edit]

  • Miia ja Saku (2000) (Miia and Saku)
  • Kallen inttivuosi (2001) (Kalle in the army)
  • Siljan Jenkkivuosi (2001) (Silja in America)
  • Aamun uudet kuviot (2001) (Aamu's new plans)
  • Saku ja suuri suru (2002) (Saku and the great grief)
  • Teemun tarina (2002) (Teemu's tale)
  • Aamu, Inka ja ihana Ilari (2003) (Aamu, Inka and the adorable Ilari)
  • Ken ja isosiskon viimeinen kesä (2003) (Ken's and the big sister's last summer)
  • Ami ja ensirakkaus (2004) (Ami's first love)
  • Annika ja Amerikan unelma (2005) (Annika and the American Dream)
  • Ken ja Sauli kaukana kotoa (2006) (Ken and Sauli far away from home)
  • Ossi ja lumikuningatar (2007) (Ossi and the Snow Queen)
  • Romeo ja onnentähti (2008) (Romeo and the lucky star)
  • Sofia ja salaisuuksien kevät (2008) (Sofia and the spring of secrets)
  • Salla ja haaveiden kaupunki (2009) (Salla and the city of dreams)


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