Saldaña, Palencia

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Ruins of the castle at Saldaña

Saldaña is the principal town of the fertile Palencia plains in Spain, and may be the town of "Eldana" [1] mentioned by the historian Ptolemy as being conquered by the Roman Empire.

The town's connection to the Roman Era is reflected in the beautiful remains of a villa attributed to the emperor Theodosius I.

It was here in 1149 that Berenguela of Barcelona died.

The medieval counts of Saldaña figure in local history and literature, particularly as related to the exploits of the semi-legendary figure Bernardo del Carpio.

Saldaña is also known for its popular open-air market day held each Tuesday in the town's central plaza.[2][3]

Coordinates: 42°31′N 4°44′W / 42.517°N 4.733°W / 42.517; -4.733


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