Sale of Student Loans Act 2008

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The Sale of Student Loans Act 2008[1]
Long title An Act to enable the sale of rights to repayments of student loans; and for connected purposes.
Citation 2008 c.10
Introduced by John Denham[2]
Territorial extent England and Wales[3]
Royal assent 21 July 2008[4]
Commencement 21 July 2008[5]
History of passage through Parliament
Text of statute as originally enacted
Revised text of statute as amended

The Sale of Student Loans Act 2008 (c.10) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was passed to authorise the sale of the government's student loan portfolio to the private sector in order to raise revenue by secondary legislation. The act only extends to England and Wales as Scottish education is an exclusive competency of the Scottish Government and the powers to make the required secondary legislation for Wales are vested in Welsh Ministers.


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