Saleh Abdullah Kamel

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Saleh Abdullah Kamel
Born 1940/1941 (age 74–75)[1]
Saudi Arabia
Residence Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi
Alma mater King Abdulaziz University
Known for Chairman and founder, Dallah al Baraka Group
Net worth US$2.3 billion (October 2015)[1]
Spouse(s) married
Children 2

Saleh Abdullah Kamel[2] (Arabic: صالح عبد الله كامل‎) (born 1940/1941) is a Saudi billionaire businessman, chairman and founder of the Dallah al Baraka Group (DBG). He is the chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks.


As of October 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$2.3 billion.[1]

Kamel has been called "the father of contemporary Islamic finance", receiving Malaysia's Royal Award for Islamic Finance in November 2010.[3]


Kamel is the owner of Durrat Al-Arus, a resort in Saudi Arabia.

Coded TV channels[edit]

He owned the ART TV network, the only sports channels that broadcast the FIFA world cup in the Middle East. In 2009 these sports channels have been bought by the Al Jazeera Group.[4]

Civil services[edit]

Kamel moderates many plans of the City Hall, such as garbage collecting and plans for traffic police, such as driving licenses tests, water desalination plant work and roads building. His companies were also contracted to maintain the region's pilgrimage sites and Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina.[5]

Personal life[edit]

He is married, with two children, and lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.[1]


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