Saleh Bay

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Saleh Bay in the center of the island of Sumbawa

Saleh Bay (Indonesian: Teluk Saleh) is the largest bay in the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, roughly on the north central part. It is semi enclosed by Moyo Island and the peninsula of Tambora, Sanggar Peninsula. 3 larger islands in the bay are Liang Island, Ngali Island, and Rakit Island. 3 of the 4 regencies of Sumbawa border the bay.

Further reading[edit]

  • Egon T. Degens and Beate Buch (1989) Sedimentological events in Saleh Bay, off Mount Tambora Netherlands Journal of Sea Research (December 1989), 24 (4), pg. 399-404

Coordinates: 8°29′58″S 117°49′42″E / 8.49944°S 117.82833°E / -8.49944; 117.82833