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This article is about an organization. For the college, see Salem International University.

SALEM International gemeinnützige GmbH is a German charitable company with limited liability.[1][2] It describes itself as an international non-denominational Christian non-profit welfare organisation.[2] Its guiding principles include human rights, vegetarian diet, and the promotion of a non-denominational Christian way of life. Its slogan is "Christian, nonprofit, charitable".[2] 42


The institution's name "SALEM" refers to Salem (Hebrew שָׁלֵם, Shalem, "peace"), the home of Melchizedek as given in Genesis 14:18, possibly to be identified with Jerusalem.


SALEM International was founded by "Gottfried Müller and a circle of friends" in 1957 in Germany.[2]

In Germany, SALEM established institutions for homeless people, children from disadvantaged family backgrounds, and ex-convicts in Stadtsteinach and Höchheim, Bavaria, and Kovahl, Lower Saxony.

In 1980, 200 children were living in the long-established villages in Germany. But Müller has said that "Salem is only the model"; he and other organizers have not been interested in increasing the number of the villages belonging to the organization, instead seeing them as models.[3]

Further Salem institutions were built in Uganda, Russia, Togo, and Ecuador. Similar independent projects exist in the United States, and Israel.[4]

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