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Salem ZENIA (born September 26, 1962 in Freha, Tizi Ouzou Province, Algeria) is a Kabyle writer.

He studied in Frèha and later in Azazga High School and journalism (distance studies) in Ecole Universalis (Liège, Belgique) .

He has worked as a journalist for several publications and participated in several Kabyle movements. He created Racines/Iz’uran journal in 1998 and was awarded with the honour diploma of Tamazgha association in Paris.

He lives in Barcelona as a refugee.


  • 1993, Les rêves de Yidir = Tirga n Yidir (Yidir's Dreams)
  • 1995, Tafrara (The Dawn)
  • 2003, Lyil d wefru
  • 2004, Tifeswin (Springtime)

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