Salem el-Masri

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Salem el-Masri (سالم المصري) is allegedly[by whom?] an explosives trainer with Al-Jihad, who worked first in Afghanistan, and then in Khartoum at the Al-Damazin Farms project owned by Osama bin Laden.[1]


El-Masri was believed by Jamal al-Fadl to have trained with Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon,[1] before finding himself attached to the Egyptian militant movement led by Ayman al-Zawahiri.[2]

He was part of a group of Al-Qaeda trainers invited to go to Lebanon, after Hezbollah consulted with Iran. The group also included Abu Taha al-Sudan, Saif al-Islam el-Masry, and Saif al-Adel.[1]

According to a testimony by Jamal al-Fadl he taught the proper use of explosives in the Jihad Wahl training camp.[2]

Jamal al-Fadl testified in 2001 that he had seen el-Masri at the Al-Damazin Farms.[2] The Damazine Farm on the outskirts of Damazine City was an al-Qaeda farm that was used for food production as well as a training location.[1]


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