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Saleyards Creek (also known as Saleyard Creek) is a canalised urban stream, acting as a stormwater channel, located in Sydney, Australia.


Saleyards Creek has its source in the Rookwood Cemetery[1] beside the suburb of Strathfield, and flows generally northward through the suburb of Homebush.[2] Saleyards Creek is now lined with concrete banks for its entire length,[2] although the portions of the creek flowing through Airey Park and beside Bressington Park[3] also have trees planted alongside. Since its water is largely provided by rainfall in the Sydney area, flows are reduced to little more than a trickle during dry weather.[2]

Saleyards Creek flows through a man-made tunnel under Paddy's Markets Flemington.[2] Emerging into daylight, it continues under Parramatta Road and the M4 Western Motorway, finally flowing into Powells Creek at Bressington Park in Homebush.[2] When driving westbound on the M4 Western Motorway it is possible to see a sign showing where Saleyards Creek flows under the motorway, not far east of Homebush Bay Drive.


Saleyards Creek is named after the Flemington cattle saleyards, established in 1909.[4] Once a natural stream, Saleyards Creek was canalised by the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board in the 1930s,[5][6] partly as a work relief project during the Great Depression.[7]

Ecological issues[edit]

Canalisation of the stream has affected salinity and pollution levels in nearby tidal wetlands.[8] Silt build-up from stormwater flows provides a feeding habitat for birds such as ducks and gulls, but interferes with water flow, and so is occasionally removed.[9]

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