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Salford Acoustics
Salford Acoustics, University of Salford logo, Manchester, UK
MottoAltiora Petamus
"Let us seek higher things"
TypeDepartment, public university
CampusUrban, Parkland
ColoursRed, Black and White
AffiliationsUniversity of Salford

Salford Acoustics offers Acoustics and Audio Engineering Courses,[1] undertakes public and industrial research in acoustics,[2] carries out commercial testing,[3] and undertakes activities to engage the public in acoustic science and engineering. It is based in two locations: (i) 3 km west of Manchester city centre, UK, in the Newton Building on the Peel Park Campus of the University of Salford, and (ii) on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal at MediaCityUK.

History and current structure[edit]

The second anechoic chamber at University of Salford

The first acoustic laboratories were established in Salford in 1965; in the early 1970s the Department of Applied Acoustics was formed.[4] In 1996 the University merged with University College Salford and a Department of Acoustic and Audio Engineering was formed. A couple of years later, this joined with another department to form Acoustic and Electronic Engineering. Finally, when the University greatly reduced the number of schools in the organisation, Salford Acoustics joined the School of Computing, Science and Engineering.[5] Research work comes under the auspices of the Acoustics Research Centre.[2]


The Department of Applied Acoustics first taught an undergraduate degree in 1975, namely the BSc (Hons) in Electroacoustics. This was later renamed Beng (Hons) Acoustics. In 1993, Salford Acoustics set up the BEng (Hons) in Audio Technology.[4] These two undergraduate degrees are now taught under a single banner, BEng Audio Acoustics, with two pathways to represent the different interests of the cohort.[6] Salford acoustics has also taught masters in acoustic engineering and audio for many decades, currently offering an MSc in Audio Acoustics[7] and an MSc in Environmental Acoustics.[8] The Acoustics Research Centre offers masters and doctoral research degrees.[9]



The Acoustics Research Centre achieved the top research rating of 6* in RAE 2001 as part of the Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment's submission to Unit Of Assment 30, Architecture and the Built Environment.[10] In 2008, the RAE submission including the Acoustics Research Centre finished top of Research Fortnight’s ‘Research Power’ table for Architecture & the Built Environment. 90% of the research was graded at international standard and 25% at world-leading.[11]


Research is carried out in the following sub-disciplines of acoustic engineering and science

Public engagement[edit]

Breaking glass with sound shot by Salford Acoustics and used in curriculum materials for schools

Examples of public engagement work include:


Most of Salford's Acoustics and Audio Laboratories are based on the Peel Park campus, but some are at MediaCityUK:[12]

  • Audio production suites
  • Radio studios
  • Recording studios
  • Anechoic chamber
  • 2x Semi-anechoic chambers
  • Reverberation chamber
  • Transmission suite
  • Listening room

Commercial work[edit]

Salford Acoustics is a calibration and test house for construction, government, military, audio R&D and the motor industry.[13]

Current Staff[edit]


Person Award Year
Prof Jamie Angus Audio Engineering Society Silver Medal 2019
Dr Jon Hargreaves Institute of Acoustics Tyndall Medal 2016
Professor Yiu Wai Lam Institute of Acoustics Rayleigh Medal 2012
Dr James Woodcock IMechE Railway Division: Best Young Researcher 2012
Dr Olga Umnova Institute of Acoustics Tyndall Medal 2010
Trevor Cox Institute of Acoustics Promoting Acoustics to the Public 2009
Prof Jamie Angus Institute of Acoustics Peter Barnett Award 2004
Trevor Cox Institute of Acoustics Tyndall Medal 2004
Dr Francis Li Institute of Acoustics Peter Barnett memorial student award 2003
Professor Yiu Wai Lam Institute of Acoustics Tyndall Medal 2000

Notable staff[edit]

  • Trevor Cox, (Professor of Acoustic Engineering and Broadcaster)
  • Professor Yiu Wai Lam, ex-Editor in Chief of Applied Acoustics[14]
  • Olga Umnova

Alumni and Former Staff[edit]

The following past members of Salford Acoustics have been President of the Institute of Acoustics:

Person Dates
Professor Peter Lord 1978-80
Professor Peter Wheeler 1992-94
Geoff Kerry 2002-04
Dr Tony Jones 2004-06
Professor Trevor Cox 2010-12
Jo Webb 2016-18

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