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Salient may refer to:

  • SALIENT, SALt Irradiation ExperimeNT, a thorium molten salt reactor
  • Salient (geography), part of a discrete territory projecting out of the main portion, bordered by foreign territory on three sides, into which it projects; also called a panhandle
  • Salient (heraldry), an adjective describing a heraldic beast in a leaping attitude
  • Salient (magazine), Victoria University of Wellington student publication
  • Harvard Salient, Harvard University conservative student newspaper
  • Salient (military), a battlefield feature that projects into enemy territory
  • Salient pole, a salient (i.e., projecting) electromagnetic pole of a field coil
  • Salient Software, a utility software company between 1990 and 1992, taken over by Fifth Generation Systems, meanwhile Symantec / Norton
  • Salient Partners, an asset management firm
  • Salient CRGT, a US government IT services firm based in Fairfax, Virginia

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