Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa

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Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa (Arabic: سالم مولى أبي حذيفة‎) was one of the sahaba of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was named so since he was the freed slave of Abu Hudhayfa ibn 'Utba, see Mawla.

He participated in the battle against Musaylimah as a standard bearer of the Muhajireen and displayed unexpected valour. His people feared that he would show weakness or be too terrified to fight. To them he said, "If you manage to overtake me, what a miserable bearer of the Qur'an I shall be." He then plunged into the enemy ranks and eventually died in battle.

Muhammad is quoted as saying:

"Learn the Qur'an from four persons: Abd-Allah ibn Mas'ud, Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa, Ubayy ibn Kab and Muadh ibn Jabal."

Taha Husain, a 20th century Sunni Islamic scholar

Ali Asgher Razwy, a 20th century Shi'a Twelver Islamic scholar states:

He had contributed in all major battles, such as Badr, Uhud, Ahzab etc., so he is a Badrian Companion of Muhammad.

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