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Salina Bookshelf
Founded 1994
Founder Eric and Kenneth Lockard
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Flagstaff, Arizona
Publication types Books
Official website

Salina Bookshelf is a publishing company based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Founded in 1994 by Eric and Kenneth Lockard,[1] the company specializes on Navajo-language books, mostly for children and adolescents, and is the only Navajo-language publisher in the United States.[2] Among its publications are a bilingual edition of the 1940s classic Who wants to be a prairie dog? and Diné Bizaad Bínáhooʼaah, the Navajo language textbook that was officially adopted by the state of New Mexico in 2008.[3] From its beginnings as an endeavor by two teenagers in the 1990s, Salina bookshelf grew to having 6 full-time employees and three translators.[2]


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