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Salisbury House of Canada Ltd.
Privately held company
Founded 1931 in Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Headquarters Winnipeg, Canada
Number of locations
Key people
Earl and Cheryl Barish
Number of employees

Salisbury House is a restaurant chain based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Known locally as "Sals," the chain is considered a Winnipeg institution.The first Salisbury House restaurant was founded in Downtown Winnipeg in 1931 by Ralph Erwin (September 2, 1902–June 5, 1983),[2] who named the venture after the salisbury steak. Erwin disliked the term 'hamburger' so named his burger a "nip" to market his hamburgers as a small 'nip' or bite of Salisbury steak.

The restaurant has seventeen locations in Winnipeg and employs over 500 people. In 1979 Erwin sold his majority interest in the chain to a group of investors. In 2001, it was bought from its then Montreal owners by a group of local investors. The majority owners are Earl and Cheryl Barish.

Salisbury House is well known for its nips (hamburgers) as well as its breakfast platters, wafer pie, red velvet cake, and house coffee. The chain recently introduced a complete line of hot dogs, known as a Winni Dog.

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