Salles des Croisades

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Salle des Croisades, Versailles.

The Salles des Croisades ("Hall of Crusades") is a set of rooms located in the north wing of the Palace of Versailles.

The rooms were created in the mid-19th century by king Louis-Philippe, and opened in 1843, at a time when France was seized with enthusiasm with its historical past, and especially the Crusades period.[1] The rooms are filled with over 120 paintings related to the Crusades.[1] King Louis-Philippe included the names of the thousands of family whose ancestors went to the Crusades, encouraging many forgeries at that time.[2]

First room paintings[edit]

Painting Title Painter Year Depicted (if applicable)
Philip Augustus takes the banner to Saint-Denis Pierre Révoil 24 June 1190
Raising the siege of Salerno Eugène Roger 1016
Battle of Civitella Adolphe Roger 18 June 1053
Battle of Cerami Prosper Lafaye 1061
Henry of Burgundy receives the royal investiture of Portugal Claudes Jacquand 1094
Passage of the Bosphorus Émile Signol 1096
Emperor Alexis Komnenos receives Peter the Hermit in Constantinople Gillot Saint-Evre 1096
Adoption of Godfrey of Bouillon by Emperor Alexis I Komnenos Alexandre Hesse 1097
Battle under the walls of Nicea Henry Serrur 1097
Baldwin seizes the city of Edessa (Arrival of Baldwin, Count of Flanders, at Edessa) Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury 1097
The siege of Antioch by the Crusaders Louis Gallait 3 June 1098
Battle under the walls of Antioch Henri Frédéric Schopin 28 June 1098
Combat of Harim (Harene) Oscar Gué 9 February 1098
Siege of Marrah Henri Decaisne 1098
One-on-one combat of Robert, Duke of Normandy, with a Saracen warrior under the walls of Antioch Jean-Joseph Dassy 1098
Siege of Albare Édouard Pingret September 1098
Siege of Jerusalem Émile Signol 15 July 1099
Godfrey of Bouillon is chosen as King of Jerusalem Federico de Madrazo 23 July 1099
Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch Merry-Joseph Blondel
Roger I, Count of Sicily Merry-Joseph Blondel
Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse Merry-Joseph Blondel
Odo I, Duke of Burgundy Merry-Joseph Blondel
Robert Guiscart, Duke of Apulia and Calabria Merry-Joseph Blondel

Second room paintings[edit]

Painting Painter Year Depicted (If applicable)
Godfrey of Bouillion hangs the trophies of Antioch on the Vaults of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre François Marius Granet August 1099
Battle of Ascalon Jean-Victor Schnetz 12 August 1099
Funeral of Godfrey of Bouilion Édouard Cibot 23 July 1100
Siege (surrender) of Tripoli Charles-Alexandre Debacq 12 July 1109
Battle of Jaffa Henry Serrur 27 May 1102
Siege of Beirut Eugene le Poittevin 13 May 1110
Raymond of Puy takes body of Turks as prisoners ? 1130
Defense (victory) of northern (?) Syria by Raymond of Puy, grand master of the Knights Hospitallers Édouard Cibot 1130
Preaching the Second Crusade in Vézelay in Burgundy Émile Signol 31 March 1146
Knights Templars’ chapter held in Paris under the Grand Master, Robert of Burgundy François Marius Granet 1147
Eleanor of Guyenne takes the cross with the women of the court Franz Xaver Winterhalter 1147
Louis VII takes the oriflamme to Saint Denis Jean-Baptiste Mauzaesse 1147
Surprise of the Camp of Nur ad-Din, Sultan of Aleppo ? 1150
Allain Gergent, Duke of Brittany Édouard Odier
Josselin of Courtenay, Count of Edessa Édouard Odier
Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem Édouard Odier
Eustace III, Count of Boulogne Édouard Odier
Saint Louis the mediator between the English King and his barons Georges Rouget 23 January 1264

Third room paintings[edit]

Painting Painter Year Depicted (If Applicable)
Preaching the first crusade to Clermont in Auvergne Hendrik Scheffer November 1095
Tancred's Siege of Bethlehem Pierre Révoil 7 June 1099
Procession of the Crusaders around Jerusalem, the day before the siege of the city, 14 July 1099 Jean-Victor Schnetz 14 July 1099
Godfrey of Boullion holds the first Conference of the kingdom of Jerusalem Pierre-Jules Jollivet January 1100
Institution of the Knights Hospitallers Henri Decaisne 15 February 1113
Siege of Tyre by the crusaders Alexandre-François Caminade 7 July 1124
Institution of the Knights Templars François Marius Granet 1123
Pope Eugenius receives the ambassadors of Baldwin III, King of Jerusalem Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot 1145
Siege of Lisbon by the crusaders Augustus Desmoulins 24 October 1147
Louis VII defends himself against seven Saracens Antoine-Félix Boisselier January 1148
Louis VII, Emperor Conrad, and Baldwin III, deliberate at Ptolemais (Acre) on the conduct of the holy war Charles-Alexandre Debacq 1191
Siege of Ascalon Sébastien Cornu 19 August 1153
Battle of Putaha Éloi Firmin Féron 1159
Combat near Nazareth ? 1 May 1187
Ptolemais (Acre) returns to King Philip Augustus and King Richard the Lionheart Merry-Joseph Blondel 12 July 1191
Margaret of France, Queen of Hungary, leads the Hungarians to the crusade Édouard Pingret 1196
Siege of Constantinople by the crusaders Eugène Delacroix 1204
Siege of Damietta by John of Brienne Henri Delaborde 5 November 1219
Raising of the siege of Rhodes Édouard Odier 17 August 1480
Entrance of the Knights Hospitallers into Viterbo Augustus Debay 1527
The Knights Hospitallers take possession of the island of Malta René Théodore Berthon 26 October 1530
Raising the siege of Malta Charles-Philippe Larivière September 1565
Pierre of Aubusson, master of the Knights Hospitallers Édouard Odier
John, Lord of Joinville Merry-Joseph Blondel
Charles of France, Count of Anjou Henri Decaisne
Phillip of Villiers of l'Isle-adam, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers Gillot Saint-Evre
Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templars Eugène Emmanuel Amaury Duval
Louis IX, King of France Émile Signol
Robert of France, Count of Artois Henri Decaisne
Alphonse of France, Count of Pointers Henri Decaisne
Richard the Lionheart, King of England Merry-Joseph Blondel
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Leon de Lestang-Parade
Philip Augustus, King of France Emile Signol
Albéric Clément, Marshal of May Henri Decaisne
Foulques de Villaret, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers Eugène Goyet 1305-1319
Raymond of Puy, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller Alexandre Laemlein
Louis VII, King of France Émile Signol
Henry I, Count of Champagne Henri Decaisne
Hugh of Payens, Grand Master of the Knights Templars Henri Lehmann
Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem Merry-Joseph Blondel
Godfrey of Bouillon ?
Robert II of Flanders, the Jerusalemite Henri Decaisne
Robert III Curthose of Normandy Henri Decaisne
Tancred, prince of Tiberias Merry-Joseph Blondel
Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa between the Spanish and the Moors Horace Vernet 16 juillet 1212
Peter the Hermit Léon de Lestang-Parade
Hugh of France, Count of Vermandois Henri Decaisne
Adhemar of Monteil, Bishop of Puy Merry-Joseph Blondel
John Parisot of La Valette, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers Charles-Philippe Larivière

Fourth room paintings[edit]

Painting Painter Year Depicted (If Applicable)
Reception of John of Brienne in Ptolemais ? 13 September 1210
Landing of Saint Louis in Egypt Georges Rouget 5 June 1249
Saint Louis receives the patriarch of Jerusalem in Damietta Oscar Gué 1249
Gaucher of Châtillon defends the only entrance of a street in the neighborhood of Munyat Abû Abdallah Karl Girardet 6 April 1250
William of Clermont defends Ptolemais Dominique Papety May 1291
Siege of Rhodes by the Knights Hospitallers Éloi Firmin Féron 13 August 1310
Defense of Rhodes against the Ottoman Sultan Gustaf Wappers 1315
Naval battle won by the Knights Hospitallers; siege of the island of Escopia by the Ottoman Turks Augustus Mayer 1323
Siege of Smyrna by the Knights of Rhodes Charles-Alexandre Debacq 28 October 1344
Naval battle won by the Knights Hospitallers; siege of the island of Escopia over the Ottoman Turks Eugène Lepoittevin 1347
The Knights Hospitallers reestablish religion in Armenia Henri Delaborde 1347
Siege of the Citadel of Jaffa Édouard Girardet 31 July 1191
The Marshal of Boucicault defends Constantinople against the sultan Bajezet Jean-Pierre Granger 1402
Chapter of the Knights Hospitaller, convened at Rhodes by the Grand Master Fabrizio del Carretto to deliberate over the defense of the island against the Turks Claudius Jacquand 1514
Boucicault, known as John of Meingre, Marshal of France Alexandre Laemlein
Philip III, called the Adventurous, King of France Alexandre Laemlein
John Bonpar of Lastic, Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Rhodes Alexandre Genet

Fifth room paintings[edit]

Painting Painter Year Depicted (If Applicable)
Battle of Ascalon (Battle of Mongisard, near Ascalon) Philip larivière 25 November 1177
Interview of Philip Augustus and Henry II at Gisors Gillot Saint-Evre 21 January 1188
Battle of Arsuf 1191 Éloi Firmin Féron 7 September 1191
Defeat of Malek-Adel between Tyre and Sidon ? 1197
Siege of Beirut by Amaury II Alexandre Hesse 24 October 1197
Baldwin, Count of Flanders, crowned Emperor of Constantinople Louis Gallait 6 May 1204
The Assembly of crusaders in the church of Saint Mark (Geoffrey of Villehardouin asks Venice for vessels to transport the Crusaders to Palestine) Charles-Caïus Renoux 1201
Boniface of Montfort chosen as leader of the Fourth Crusade Pierre-Antoine Labouchère 1201
Andrew, King of Hungary, becomes an associate of the Knights Hospitallers 1208
Conrad of Montferrat, King of Jerusalem François-Édouard Picot
John of Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople François-Édouard Picot
Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem François-Édouard Picot
Baldwin I, Emperor of Constantinople François-Édouard Picot
Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor François-Édouard Picot



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