Sallim gyeongje

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Sallim gyeongje
Cover of Sallim gyeongje
Korean name
Hangul 산림경제
Revised Romanization Sallim gyeongje
McCune–Reischauer Sallim kyǒngje

Sallim gyeongje, roughly translated as "Farm Management",[1] is a Korean book regarding living and farming written by Hong Man-seon (流巖 洪萬選, 1643-1715). The book was written at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It consists of four books and sixteen chapters and is regarded as one of the most important Korean works of the period. It is the first book in Korea to mention chili peppers.


  • Book One
    • Seo (序): Prologue
    • Bok Geo (卜居): The building of houses
    • Sup Saeng (攝生): Health
    • Chi Nong (治農): The growing of cotton, grain, and other special plants
    • Chi Po (治圃): The growing of vegetables, flowers, tobacco
  • Book Two
    • Jong Su (種樹): The growing of fruits and trees
    • Yang Hwa (養花): The trimming of flowers and garden plants
    • Yang Jam (養蠶): Beekeeping
    • Mok Yang (牧養): The farming of animals, fish, and bees
    • Chi Seon (治膳): The storing, cooking, and processing of food
  • Book Three
    • Gu Geup (救急): Emergency treatments
    • Gu Hwang (救荒): Emergency procedures for droughts
    • Byeok On (辟瘟): Ways to stop contagious diseases
    • Byeok Choong (辟蟲): How to get rid of pests
  • Book Four
    • Chi Yak (治藥): Medicine
    • Sun Taek (選擇): The choosing of lucky and unlucky days and directions
    • Jap Bang (雜方): How to take care of swords, pottery, musical instruments and other things

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