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Sally may refer to:




  • Sally (military), an attack by the defenders of a town or fortress under siege against a besieging force
  • Sally, the Allied reporting name for the Imperial Japanese Army's World War II Mitsubishi Ki-21 bomber


Film, stage and television[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Sally (ship), several ships
  • SALLY (microprocessor), a customised 6502 CPU chip used in some Atari computers and games consoles
  • Axis Sally, the name given to female radio propaganda broadcasters for the Axis in World War II
  • Hurricane Sally, a devastating category 2 hurricane that impacted Florida and the central gulf coast
  • Viking Sally, a cruise ferry launched in 1980
  • South Atlantic League (often informally called the "Sally League"), a former Minor League Baseball league in the United States
  • The portion of a bell rope used in change ringing which has a covering; see Change ringing

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