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Sally Ann Marsh is a British singer and actress who came to fame originally as a member of a short lived girlband with Diana Barrand and Dani Behr called Faith Hope & Charity (she was Hope).

Performing career[edit]

After Faith Hope and Charity, her musical career included being the vocalist for electronic music group Xpansions whose major hit single 'Move Your Body' reached Number 7 in 1991 before being remixed and rereleased several times over the nineties due to demand. Marsh then became the lead singer of deConstruction house group Ariel who were formed by Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers with whom she appeared on Channel 4's The Word. She recorded two promo only singles working with producers Mike Stock & Matt Aitken in 1995 on their Love This Records label. These were a cover of the Mungo Jerry hit In The Summertime and a dance version of Windmills of your Mind. Recently she has been working as lead vocalist for the London band Brand Violet.

In addition to her musical career she is a freelance voiceover artiste who does work for GCap Media and EMAP radio, as well as the Tindle Radio Group.

As an actress she has appeared in children's programmes as many characters including Vicky in Bodger and Badger (in which she played a drumkit), Nurse Kitty in Hilltop Hospital, Lucy in BBC's Tricky Business, Princess Irene in The Princess and the Goblin, Giselle in Santa and the Tooth Fairies and its sequel TV series Tales of the Tooth Fairies and Cecile Lefevre in Grange Hill. Sally Ann Marsh also voiced the character of Snow White, in the 2006 Picha production of Snow White: The Sequel alongside Stephen Fry as the Narrator, Rik Mayall as the Seven Dwarfs, Michael Kilgarriff as the Ogre, Shelley Blond as Cinderella, Lia Williams as Sleeping Beauty with Morwenna Banks as the Good Fairy and Simon Greenall as Prince Charming.


  • Xpansions – Elevation/Move Your Body (Arista Records) – 1990 – Frontwoman
  • Ariel – Let It Slide (deConstruction Records – 1993)
  • Xpansions – Move Your Body 95 (Arista Records) – 1995
  • Sally Ann Marsh – "In The Summertime" [Promo Only] – 1995)
  • Sally Ann Marsh – Windmills Of Your Mind [Promo Only] – 1995
  • Aurora – Hear You Calling (Original Mother Earth) – 1999 – Vocals
  • Brand Violet – Alien Hive Theme (Brand Violet Limited) – 2004 – Lead Vocals
  • Brand Violet – Head (Brand Violet Limited) – 2004
  • Brand Violet – Voodoo (Brand Violet Limited) – 2004
  • Brand Violet – Sputnik Bride EP (Brand Violet Limited) – 2005
  • Brand Violet – Legend of Ladybeard (Brand Violet Limited) – 2005

Faith Hope & Charity[edit]

For the group, see Faith Hope & Charity


  • Brand Violet – Retrovision Coma (Brand Violet Limited) – 2004 (Lead vocalist)
  • Brand Violet – Akathisia (Brand Violet Limited) – 2005

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