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Sally Bott
Born 11 November 1949
Occupation Board of Directors at UBS AG

Sally Bott (born 11 November 1949) is a USA businesswoman and serves as one of the Board of Directors at UBS AG. She was elected to the Board of Directors at UBS AG at the EGM in October 2008. She is a member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee and of the Corporate Responsibility Committee.[1]


Sally Bott [2] attended Manhattanville College, USA where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Economics. In 1970, she joined Citibank out of college as a Research Analyst in the Economics Department. She was credit trained and in the Finance Function. She joined HR in 1978 and worked as an HR Director in most of the Wholesale Bank and Investment Banking business during the next 15 years. She was the Global HR Director of the Wholesale Bank from 1990 to 1993. She was at Barclays Bank from 1994 to 2000; first as BZW HR Director and then Group HR Director from 1996 to 2000. Between 2000 and 2005 she was a Managing Director at Marsh & McLennan, a US-based global risk and insurance services business, and Head of HR for Marsh Inc. Ms Bott served as Group Human Resources Director of BP plc between 2005 and 2011. She was elected to the Board of Directors at the EGM at UBS AG in October 2008.[3]


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