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Sally Davies

Sally Davies (born July 26, 1956 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) is a painter and photographer, currently based in New York City.

Davies graduated from the Ontario School of Art and Design, New York City Program. She achieved her first public attention in New York in the 1990s with her "Lucky Paintings" and "Lucky Chairs" exhibiting at the OK Harris Gallery, and then at the Gracie Mansion Gallery. Following the Lucky Paintings were the "tattoo paintings", "product paintings", and the "furniture paintings". Davies moved into photography with the "Alien photos" in 2000, and has been photographing ever since. Her "McDonalds Happy Meal Project" went viral in 2010 and is currently at Day 1044.

Her paintings have been featured on:

Her paintings and photographs are in the collections of Harvard Business School, Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra Winger, Michael Patrick King, Phil Scotti, Jane Holzer, Michael Karangelen, Gary Lightbody Snow Patrol and others.[citation needed]

Davies portraits include Debra Winger on the cover of Winger's 2008 book "undiscovered" (Simon and Schuster 2008), Elaine Kaufman in Everyone Comes to Elaine's (A. E. Hotchner, Harper Collins Publishers, NYC, 2004), and Jim Cuddy's CD, "The Light That Guides You Home" (Warner Music Canada, 2006), and Jim Cuddy's CD, "Skyscraper Soul" 2011 (Warner Canada) Her photographs of the 9/11 attacks can be found in "A Democracy of Photos" (Scalo Press, Zurich, Berlin & New York, 2002).


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