Sally Dominguez

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Sally Dominguez
Born (1969-10-24) October 24, 1969 (age 47)
Nationality Australian
Occupation designer

Sally Dominguez (born 24 October 1969) is an Australian designer.

Dominguez practised sustainable architecture for 9 years before designing the award-winning Nest high chair[1] now held in the Permanent Collection of the Powerhouse Museum.[2] In 2004 she invented a rainwater tank which could be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation, the modular Rainwater HOG.[3][4] Sally's Rainwater HOG modular tank was named one of the USA's Top 10 Green Building Products of 2008[5] and was awarded a Spark Design Award[6] also in 2008. Sally judges inventions on ABC TV's New Inventors.[7] Other professional judging work includes the Wheels Car of the Year awards[8] from 2005 until 2007 and the International Australian Design Award in 2008. Sally is a 2009 Spark Awards judge[9] Lectures on design for the Board of Studies DesignTech. Currently freelance writing on design, product innovation and sustainability in design for Monument, G and Wheels magazine.[10]


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