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For the computer scientist, see Sally Floyd.
Sally Floyd
Sally Floyd in Civil War: Front Line #11.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Generation M #1 (January 2006)
Created by Paul Jenkins
Ramon Bachs
In-story information
Team affiliations Front Line
The Alternative

Sally Floyd is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Generation M #1 (Jan. 2006) and was created by writer Paul Jenkins and artist Ramon Bachs.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Sally Floyd, a journalist, first appeared in Generation M, a miniseries that followed the aftermath of the events of M-Day, the day on which millions of mutants lost their mutant abilities.

Floyd's daughter, Minnie, had died several months earlier due to a mutation that caused her to grow younger and younger from the age 2. In the wake of this tragedy, Floyd developed alcoholism.

Taking over from Jessica Jones, Floyd investigated several M-Day cases, writing about well-known mutants who had lost their powers and producing a series of article profiles.[volume & issue needed]

She worked with former X-Man Jubilee, a depowered mutant, and her investigation led her to Warren Worthington (Archangel), who pretended to be depowered and with whom she may have had a previous relationship.[1] Archangel used Floyd as a pawn to catch a serial killer known as Ghoul who was targeting mutants for death.[volume & issue needed] Afterward, Floyd entered rehab and began a friendship with reporter Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle.[volume & issue needed]

Floyd's next appearance was in Civil War: Front Line. By the end, she and Urich had resigned from their respective newspapers and formed the online newspaper;[volume & issue needed] they later form the print newspaper Front Line.[volume & issue needed] The two were split over the controversial Superhuman Registration Act, with Floyd initially opposed,[volume & issue needed] but later becoming a supporter.[volume & issue needed] Later, during World War Hulk: Front Line, Floyd started drinking again following the emotional trauma she incurred by being caught in the middle of Hulk's attack on Manhattan.[volume & issue needed]

In Avengers: The Initiative #6, Floyd questions whether government agent Henry Peter Gyrich can carry out his assignment to enforce elements of the Superhuman Registration Act.[volume & issue needed] Gyrich retaliates by ordering an assistant to contact the IRS and have Floyd's taxes audited.[volume & issue needed] Floyd also appeared among the reporters after the clone of Thor attacked Camp Hammond.[2]


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