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Sally Morningstar was a Wiccan High Priestess many years ago [1] and is the author of at least twenty-six books on magic, astrology, Ayurveda, Wicca, divination and spirituality. At heart she has always been a Hedgewitch and returned to those roots where she has remained (hedgewitch) She is a spiritual mentor, psychic, and healer. She is also a professional photographer and a musician on the bodhran, an Irish hoop drum, and played for several years with a Celtic band called Wyld Angelica.[2][3][4] She teaches one to one online distance learning courses in Hedgewitchcraft & Natural Magic, runs a psychic and healing consultancy, and a remote-learning apprenticeship program.[2][5][6] She has appeared on numerous television programs and writes for magazines, newspapers, and periodicals on spiritual subjects, healing and natural magic.[2][5][6] Her latest written work can be found on Excellence Reporter on The Meaning of Life She lives in Somerset, England.



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