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Sally Rowena Munt is a feminist academic and author. She has written several books including Murder by the Book: Feminism and the Crime Novel.

She grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and has worked at several British universities. She is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Her scholarship is concerned with gender/sexuality studies, class and cultural politics, and spatial theory.


  • New Lesbian Criticism : Literary and Cultural Readings (1992)
  • Murder by the Book: Feminism and the Crime Novel(1994)
  • Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Critical Introduction (1997)
  • Heroic Desire: Lesbian Identity and Cultural Space (1998)
  • Butch/Femme: Inside Lesbian Gender (1998)
  • Cultural Studies and the Working Class: Subject to Change (2000)
  • Technospaces: Inside the New Media (2001)
  • Queer Attachments: The Cultural Politics of Shame (2007)


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