Salman Pak

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For the companion of Muhammad, see Salman the Persian
Salman Pak
Arabic: سلمان باك‎‎
Salman Pak is located in Iraq
Salman Pak
Salman Pak
Coordinates: 33°6′5″N 44°35′0″E / 33.10139°N 44.58333°E / 33.10139; 44.58333
Country  Iraq
Governorate Baghdad
District Al-Mada'in
Elevation 6 m (20 ft)
 • Total 117,500
Multi-National troops tour Salman Pak's famous Taq Kasra, the largest single-span vault of unreinforced brickwork in the world and the only visible remaining structure of the ancient city of Ctesiphon

Salman Pak (Arabic: سلمان باك‎‎) is a city approximately 15 miles south of Baghdad near a peninsula formed by a broad eastward bend of the Tigris River. It is named after Salman the Persian, a companion of Muhammad buried in the city.

The city overlaps with the ancient metropolis of Al-Mada'in, which includes the ruins of ancient Ctesiphon and ancient Seleucia.

It is also quite close to the Salman Pak facility, an Iraqi military installation which was a key center of Saddam Hussein's biological and chemical weapons programs.[1] The site included training grounds used by Iraqi intelligence to direct Special Operations Forces.

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Coordinates: 33°06′N 44°35′E / 33.100°N 44.583°E / 33.100; 44.583