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For the companion of Muhammad, see Salman the Persian

Salman Pak (Arabic: سلمان باك ‎) مرقد سلمان المحمدي (ع) is a city approximately 15 miles south of Baghdad near a peninsula formed by a broad eastward bend of the Tigris River. It is named after Salman the Persian, a companion of Muhammad who is buried there.

It is quite close to the Salman Pak facility, an Iraqi military installation which was a key center of Saddam Hussein's biological and chemical weapons programs.[1] The site included training grounds used by Iraqi intelligence to direct Special Operations Forces.

Salman Pak is also site of the Arch of Ctesiphon, the remains of the once majestic Persian Sassanid capital, Ctesiphon, one of the largest and oldest freestanding arches in the world.

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Coordinates: 33°06′N 44°35′E / 33.100°N 44.583°E / 33.100; 44.583