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Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon is a Danish encyclopedia that has been published in several editions.

The first edition, Salmonsens Store Illustrerede Konversationsleksikon was published in nineteen volumes 1893-1911 by Brødrene Salmonsens Forlag, and named after the publisher Isaac Salmonsen.[1][2] The second edition, Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon, was published in 26 volumes 1915–1930, under the editorship of Christian Blangstrup (volume 1-21), and Johs. Brøndum-Nielsen and Palle Raunkjær (volume 22-26), issued by J. H. Schultz Forlagsboghandel.


  • Salmonsens Store Illustrerede Konversationsleksikon, 19 volumes, Copenhagen:Brødrene Salmonsen, 1893-1911
  • Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon, 2nd edition, editors: Chr. Blangstrup (I-XXI), Johs. Brøndum-Nielsen and Palle Raunkjær (XXII-XXVI), 26 volumes, Copenhagen:J. H. Schultz Forlagsboghandel, 1915-1930.
  • Den Lille Salmonsen, 3rd edition, 12 volumes, Copenhagen, 1937-1940.
  • Salmonsen Leksikon-Tidsskrift (SLT), Copenhagen, 1941-1955. A series of booklets issued monthly.
  • Den nye Salmonsen, 1 volume, Copenhagen, 1949.

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