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Salome (c. early 1st century CE) was the daughter of Herodias, and nemesis of John the Baptist (Mark 6:17-29 and Matthew 14:3-11).

Salome or Salomé may also refer to:

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Stage works[edit]

    • Salome (play), an 1893 play by Oscar Wilde
    • Vision of Salomé, a 1906 interpretation of Oscar Wilde's play, produced by Maud Allan
    • Salomé (Mariotte), a 1908 French opera by Antoine Mariotte based on Wilde's play
    • Salome (opera), a 1905 German opera by Richard Strauss based on Wilde's play
    • La tragédie de Salomé, a 1907 ballet by Florent Schmitt
    • Salome, a 1978 ballet in two acts by Peter Maxwell Davies with choreography by Flemming Flindt







  • "Salomé", 1909, one of Mel Bonis' Femme de Légende.

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