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Developer(s)Open Cascade EDF CEA
Initial release2001; 19 years ago (2001)
Stable release
9.3.0 / May 22, 2019; 17 months ago (2019-05-22)[1]
Written inC++, Python
Operating systemLinux/Windows/Unix-like
LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License

Salome is free software that provides a generic platform for pre- and post-processing for numerical simulation.[2] It is based on an open architecture made of reusable components. It is open source, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, and both its source code and binaries may be downloaded from its official website.


  • Supports interoperability between CAD modeling and computation software (CAD-CAE link).
  • Makes easier the integration of new components on heterogeneous systems for numerical computation.
  • Sets the priority to multi-physics coupling between computation software.
  • Provides a generic user interface, user-friendly and efficient, which helps to reduce the costs and delays of carrying out the studies.
  • Reduces training time to the specific time for learning the software solution which has been based on this platform .
  • All functionalities are accessible through the programmatic integrated Python console.

Software can be downloaded for several Linux platforms (Debian, Mandriva, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Scientific Linux). Starting with the version 6.5.0, the Windows OS is also officially supported (both 32 and 64 bits version).[3] The source code is also available to any programmer who wishes to develop and make it available for other platforms:

  • from the install wizards
  • from the public git repository (V5_1_main and V6_main branches)[4]

"Universal" binaries are also provided for 32 and 64 bits linux distributions as self extractable tgz archive files. Those binaries can be run "as is", no need to recompile the sources (only Python and the standard X11 graphical libraries must be installed).


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