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Salomon Group
of Amer Sports
IndustrySnowsports, Hiking
Founded1947, 72 years ago
FounderGeorges Salomon
Revenue683 million (2004)
Number of employees
2,800 (2004)
ParentAmer Sports

Salomon is a French sports equipment manufacturing company based in Annecy, France. It was founded in 1947 by François Salomon in the heart of the French Alps. There are currently the European leader in outdoor sports equipment.[1][2]

In early 2019, the Amer Sports group that owns Salomon was bought by Anta Sports, a Chinese sportswear company.[3]

Company information[edit]

Salomon was born in 1947 in the beautiful city of Annecy in the heart of the French Alps, on the shores of Lake Annecy. François Salomon launched the company by producing skis edges in a small workshop, with only his wife and son to help. More than 70 years later, Salomon has become a global leader in outdoor sports, with a diverse range of products that enable consumers to play outside 365 days per year. Along the way, the brand has developed products for trail running, hiking, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding. [1][4]

Salomon's current CEO is Jean-Marc Pambet. Heikki Takala is the CEO of its mother group, Amer Sports, headquartered in Helsinki (Finland). The US operations of Salomon are located in Ogden, Utah.


Landmark Salomon skis: the 1080 and the Axecleaver

Salomon produces products for various sports markets, including trail running, hiking, climbing, adventure racing, skiing, and snowboarding in over 40 countries on five continents. They used to manufacture inline skates, transferring technologies from their ski boot range, but have not released any in recent years (possibly due to an infringement judgement).[5] Many in-line skaters consider these to be some of the highest quality skates for street and vert skating.[citation needed]


A Salomon alpine boot (2010).

After a five-year research project, the SX series of ski boots was introduced in the beginning of the 1980s. The boot was the result of collaboration with the French designer Roger Tallon.

The SX91 ski boot was launched in 1984, the result of collaboration with the young French designer Roger Pitiot. The boot contained a number of innovations such as the sliding forward-flex control.

Salomon's dedicated design center is in Annecy, France.


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