Salsåker-Ullångers IF

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Salsåker-Ullångers IF
Salsåker-Ullångers IF.png
Full name Salsåker-Ullångers Idrottsförening
Ground Kinavallen
Chairman Johnny Eklund
Head Coach Johan Vestin
Coach Fredrik Danielsson
League Division 3 Mellersta Norrland
2009 Division 4 Ångermanland, 1st (Promoted)

Salsåker-Ullångers IF is a Swedish football club located in Ullånger in Kramfors Municipality, Västernorrland County.[1]


During the years 1984 to 2010 the club has existed in various forms covering the Höga Kusten area – namely Bjärtrå IS, Docksta BTK, Norabygdens IK, Nordingrå SK, Skogs IF and Salsåker-Ullångers IF – with football being the club's main activity. The purpose of this collaborative project has been to be able to offer football as sport for to members of village clubs without those members having to leave their local club.

Successful cooperation between the local clubs first took place at youth football level but over the years has progressed to senior football. The names of the teams in the league in the district over the years has varied from DUFF-84 (Docksta Ullånger Framtida Fotboll), Nora/Nordingrå, S/D Fotboll, NSD Höga Kusten and Höga Kusten Fotboll.

Special recognition was given to the club in May 2008 by the Ångermanlands Fotbollförbund for their work over 25 years in providing football in collaboaration across a number of villages.[2]

Since their foundation the club has participated mainly in the lower divisions of the Swedish football league system. The club currently plays in Division 3 Mellersta Norrland which is the fifth tier of Swedish football.[3] They play their home matches at the Kinavallen in Ullånger.[4]

Salsåker-Ullångers IF are affiliated to the Ångermanlands Fotbollförbund.[5]

Season to season[edit]

Salsåker-Ullångers IF were previously known as Höga Kusten Fotboll (or Högakusten) and SUIF/Docksta in the years prior to 2010.

Season Level Division Section Position Movements
1999 Tier 7 Division 6 Ångermanland Södra/Västra 6th SUIF/Docksta
2000 Tier 7 Division 6 Ångermanland Södra/Västra 6th SUIF/Docksta
2001 Tier 7 Division 6 Ångermanland Södra/Västra 1st SUIF/Docksta – Promoted
2002 Tier 6 Division 5 Ångermanland 5th SUIF/Docksta
2003 Tier 6 Division 5 Ångermanland 1st SUIF/Docksta – Promoted
2004 Tier 5 Division 4 Ångermanland 1st SUIF/Docksta – Promotion Playoffs
2005 Tier 5 Division 4 Ångermanland 11th SUIF/Docksta – Relegated
2006* Tier 7 Division 5 Ångermanland 2nd Högakusten – Promoted
2007 Tier 6 Division 4 Ångermanland 7th Högakusten
2008 Tier 6 Division 4 Ångermanland 9th Högakusten
2009 Tier 6 Division 4 Ångermanland 1st Högakusten – Promoted
2010 Tier 5 Division 3 Mellersta Norrland 7th

* League restructuring in 2006 resulted in a new division being created at Tier 3 and subsequent divisions dropping a level. [6] [7] [8] [9]


In recent seasons Salsåker-Ullångers IF have had the following average attendances:

Season Average Attendance Division / Section Level
2009 Not available Div 4 Ångermanland Tier 6
2010 130 Div 3 Mellersta Norrland Tier 5

* Attendances are provided in the Publikliga sections of the Svenska Fotbollförbundet website. [10]

The attendance record for Höga Kusten Fotboll (SUIF) was 465 spectators for the match against Kramfors-Alliansen on 27 June 2009 (Division 4 Ångermanland).[11]


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