Salsa (2000 film)

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Directed by Joyce Buñuel EN GRINGO
Produced by Aïssa Djabri
Farid Lahouassa
Manuel Munz
Written by Joyce Buñuel
Jean-Claude Carrière
Starring Christianne Gout
Vincent Lecoeur
Catherine Samie
Michel Aumont
Roland Blanche
Music by Yuri Buenaventura
Sierra Maestra
Jean-Marie Sénia
Distributed by United International Pictures , France
Release date
January 22, 2000
Running time
100 min
Country Spain, France
Language French

Salsa or ¡Salsa! is a 2000 French-Spanish romance film. The film was directed by Joyce Buñuel, and stars Vincent Lecoeur, Christianne Gout, and Catherine Samie.


A brilliant classical pianist, 24-year-old Rémi Bonnet, renounces his career for his true passion: salsa. In Paris he takes dance lessons from an old salsa master, and decides to teach salsa himself in order to be accepted in a Cuban music band. By artificially darkening his skin with UV light treatments in a local tanning salon and faking a Latin accent he tries to "become" a genuine Cuban.

He meets the beautiful young Nathalie who becomes his student, and the results are romantically inevitable. She finds Rémi very seductive, much against the wishes of her father and her fiancé. But the deception goes wrong when she finds out who the man she thinks is her true love really is.


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