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Salsa suelta ("loose salsa"), or suelta, is a form of dancing to salsa music. Though the term technically describes any instance of salsa being danced without touching a partner, it is normally used to refer to a type of line dancing. As in casino rueda, there is often a leader who calls out names of set moves or simply dances a move for the rest of the group to follow. The dance moves may be borrowed from dances related to salsa, from jazz and hip-hop to rumba and orisha.[1] Suelta is also commonly danced to reggaetón.

Forms of suelta[edit]

  • during partner dancing, each person does his or her own solo dance; also known as shines
  • during partner dancing, the partners break away and dance a mirror image dance step
  • salsa performances often include a modern-jazz dance inspired routine
  • solo salsa dancing
  • a group of people line dancing in one or more rows, all facing one direction or else facing each other
  • coordinated dance moves by members of a salsa or merengue band