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Salsa verde

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Salsa verde
TypeGreen sauce
Place of originMexico
Main ingredientsTomatillo, chili pepper

Salsa verde (lit.'green sauce') is a type of spicy, green sauce in Mexican cuisine based on tomatillo and green chili peppers.

The tomatillo-based Mexican salsa verde dates to the Aztec Empire, as documented by the Spanish physician Francisco Hernández, and is distinct from the various medieval European parsley-based green sauces.[1]

In the cuisines of Mexico and the Southwestern United States, it is often served with Mexican or Tex-Mex style dishes like enchiladas and chicharrón (pork rinds). The version typical of New Mexico consists mostly of green chile rather than tomatillos.


This green sauce comes in subtypes: cooked sauce, in which the ingredients are cooked and then ground; roasted salsa, in which the elements are roasted on a comal and then ground; raw sauce, in which ingredients are ground and eaten without cooking; and a combination in which some of the elements are cooked. A molcajete or a blender can be used for the grinding process. Cooking or roasting the tomatillo will enhance the flavor, providing a sweeter salsa.[2] After the sauce is prepared, it can be cooked again in a pan with a little oil.

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