Salsa verde

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Salsa verde
Place of originMexico
Main ingredientstomatillo, chili pepper

Salsa verde (lit. green sauce) is a type of spicy, green sauce in Mexican cuisine. It is based on tomatillo and green chili peppers.

This green sauce comes in subtypes: cooked sauce, in which the ingredients are cooked and then ground; roasted salsa, in which the elements are roasted on a comal and then ground; raw sauce, in which ingredients are ground and eaten without cooking; and a combination in which some elements cooked. A molcajete or a blender can be used for the grinding process. Cooking or roasting the tomatillo will enhance the flavor, providing a sweeter salsa.[1] After the sauce is prepared, it can be cooked again in a pan with a little oil.

It is used to prepare traditional Mexican-style foods in the cuisines of Mexico and of the Southwestern United States, often in a mild spiciness level for enchiladas and chicharrónes (pork rinds), or more spicy for antojitos such as tacos and quesadillas. The version typical of New Mexico consists mostly of green chile rather than tomatillos.

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