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Salsabil (Arabic: سلسبيل‎‎ Salsabīl) is an Islamic Arabic term referring to a spring in paradise (Jannah).It can also mean river or fountain in paradise.The sole Qur'anic reference is in sura Al-Insaan. Salsabil can also be written as Salsabiil or even Salsabeel but "Salsabiil" is the most common name.

"And there they will be given a cup whose mixture is of Zanjabil (ginger). A fountain there, called Salsabil."

— Qur'an, sura 76 (Al-Insaan), ayat 17-18[1]

The verse may be in reference to the previous verse concerning the drink provided to those who enter paradise.

Salsabil is also the name of one of the old neighborhoods in Tehran, Iran.

Coordinates: 30°52′N 56°24′E / 30.867°N 56.400°E / 30.867; 56.400