Salt River (Western Australia)

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Salt River is a saline river system in south-west Western Australia. It arises from a chain of salt lakes in the vicinity of Corrigin, flowing northward nearly to Bruce Rock then west and south-west past Quairading, before discharging into the Yenyening Lakes northeast of Brookton. These in turn discharge into the Avon River, which discharges into the Swan River estuary, which discharges into the Indian Ocean.

It has a very low gradient, estimated at around 30 centimetres fall per kilometre. In many places it is essentially flat, and in these places it forms relatively large salt-lakes that hold large amounts of water before eventually filling and overflowing. Thus the Salt River does not flow all at once, other than during periods of prolonged or extreme rainfall. Rather, each component rotates through a cycle of filling and overflowing, influenced by cycles further upstream.[1]


Coordinates: 31°48′26″S 117°38′7″E / 31.80722°S 117.63528°E / -31.80722; 117.63528