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Type Stew
Place of origin Yemen
Main ingredients Maraq, fenugreek, sahawiq (chillies, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs)
Other information It is the national dish of Yemen.
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Saltah (Arabic: سلتة) is considered the national dish of Yemen, and widely eaten in northern parts of the country. It is mainly served for lunch. The base is a brown meat stew called maraq, a dollop of fenugreek froth, and sahawiq or sahowqa (a mixture of chillies, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs ground into a salsa). Rice, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and vegetables are common additions to saltah. It is eaten traditionally with Yemeni flat bread, which serves as a utensil to scoop up the food.

It is believed that saltah originated in Sana'a and its history dates back 1,000 years, but this belief has no proof. It is most likely that the dish is of Turkish origin and was traditionally made from leftover ingredients.

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